Introducing Nick Nimmin — Viewly’s first instructional partner!

One of the best things about Viewly is that it is a platform for knowledge sharing that provides an ad-free space to build learning communities. One of Viewly’s first instructional creators is Nick Nimmin, a popular content creator, consultant, speaker, and digital marketer who teaches aspiring video creators vital skills and strategies that can be used to grow successful, profitable, and sustainable YouTube channels. He is widely known as one of the top “go-to guys” on Youtube for new creators seeking to grow their channel. Currently boasting over 6.6 million views to-date, Nimmin is also the founder of TuberTools and is recommended by the popular Youtube channel management extension Tubebuddy as one of their top experts. He is also a frequently sought-after conference speaker having spoken most recently at 2018’s Nomad Summit and the Payoneer forum. He will be speaking again at Vidsummit 2018 and Video Marketing World in August this year in Dallas, Texas.

On his channel, Nick shares YouTube tips, videography instruction and techniques, and other video concepts with the goal of helping aspiring content creators grow their YouTube channel by gaining subscribers and getting more views. Nick knows that much of that knowledge will continue to be helpful and transfer into Viewly, but he will also be creating fresh videos specific to Viewly’s features, such as our upcoming extension to introduce new audiences to Viewly.

Nick Nimmin shares his initial thoughts on Viewly
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