October Bounty Payout

Following the token distribution proposal outlined in the Viewly whitepaper, we have reserved a share of tokens for bounty rewards. Bounty rewards are for everyone interested in promoting Viewly and improving the Viewly platform. Bounty rewards pool is limited to 3% of maximum total supply (3M VIEW tokens).

We have already distributed 110,353 VIEW tokens (3.7% of the bounty rewards pool) for the bounty rewards in the Pre-ICO token sale. These were primarily distributed for helping in Pre-ICO with marketing and PR.

We have also made a small change to the affiliate program rewards that increases rewards for the affiliate partners. Since some partners have brought new visitors to our page that have subscribed to our mailing list, but didn’t participate in the pre-ICO token sale, we decided to introduce a new subscriber reward in the amount of 50 VIEW tokens per new subscriber. These rewards were already distributed.

Bounty Smart Contract

The technical part of bounty token distribution was done by deploying new smart contract.

  • the bounty rewards hard-cap is 3M VIEW tokens
  • the rewards are minted and issued atomically
  • it doesn’t increase circulating supply prematurely
  • it doesn’t unnecessarily inflate circulating supply
  • it avoids the overhead of burning tokens in case not all reward tokens are distributed
  • it improves the transparency and clarity, as the bounty transactions are separated from the rest and can be easily monitored/audited.

The bounty app (https://bounty.view.ly) also shows the amount of tokens awarded for a particular bounty which anyone can see. The bounty and affiliation program is still open, and there are new bounties created every day. We will review and award the newly created bounties every 2 weeks. Usually, after a bounty is reviewed and awarded, it is marked as Closed.

Note: If you haven’t set your ETH address, please do so in in the bounty application, and you will receive your tokens in the next distribution period.


There are plenty of token rewards left. We will be publishing new bounty categories in the upcoming weeks, leading up to the main token-sale event.

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