Pre-ICO starts on October 5th, 3PM

We are happy to announce the full details for the forthcoming pre-ICO, which will commence this Thursday, October the 5th at 3 PM UTC.

Pre-ICO Details

Minimum cap: 1,000 ETH
Maximum cap: 4,000 ETH
Start time: 3PM UTC, October 5th.
End time: 3PM UTC, October 12th. (7 days)
Total supply of the tokens: 100,000,000 VIEW tokens (100 Million)
Amount of tokens sold during the pre-ICO: 10,000,000 VIEW tokens (10%)
VIEW price with max bonus: 0.000374 ETH
VIEW price (without bonus): 0.000430 ETH


The Viewly token sale smart contract features token bonus that will reward early contributors. The token bonus will start at 15% at the beginning of sale. As more funds are received, bonus will gradually decrease, hitting 0% when funding cap is reached. Therefore the last token sold will be 15% more expensive than the first token sold at the sale.

The implication of the bonus is the rising price of VIEW tokens as the sale progresses.


VIEW token is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. Contributors will receive VIEW tokens to their wallets immediately after their contribution, however the tokens will remain iliquid until after the main ICO ends. We invite you to check the smart contract code in our GitHub repository.

Stay safe: Communication protocol

There are many hack attempts in the ICO world and many fraudsters praying on unsuspecting contributors.

Therefore to stay safe please read the following important notifications:

  • We will only display the ETH address after the sale starts
  • The ETH address will be displayed on our website ( ONLY!
  • We will not send the ETH address via e-mail, Telegram or any other form of communication.

If you receive ETH address any other way, it’s not from us, so please let us know immediately, so we can warn the other unsuspecting contributors.

Double Verify

Once again, before making a purchase make sure that the address is

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