Scam Alert: Impostor sites

We have noticed a recently created Russian copy-cat of Viewly, sneakily named Viuly. At first, we found it funny, but soon the frightening realization set in — some people will unfortunately fall for it.

We believe the impostor is trying to capitalize on the upcoming token sale, by confusing the newcomers and/or taking advantage of people that hear about Viewly sale, but miss it.

Where can I find the real Viewly?


* is not fraudulent, they just don’t want to sell their domain at this time.

We expect more sites to pop up, some of them more obviously fake (ie. direct copies of the website), as Viewly gains traction. We will keep this list up to date on our blog. If you find an impostor or misleading site, please let us know.

Be vigilant, stay safe. — Viewly Team

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