Setting up VIEW token in your wallet

One of the key features of our pre-ICO smart contract is instant token payback. When you send ethers to our token sale contract and your transaction is confirmed, you receive VIEW tokens into your account right away.

There’s a slight catch: new erc20 tokens aren’t displayed automatically in most wallets. Unfortunately, additional steps are necessary in order to see VIEW token balance in your wallet. These steps vary depending on the wallet used and involve filling in the basic token information:


Address: 0xf03f8d65bafa598611c3495124093c56e8f638f0
 Name / Symbol: VIEW
 Decimal places: 18

Below are instructions for setting up VIEW token in some of the popular wallets. We will add them for more wallets as we go along.


Open Wallet Info and log in. Under Token Balances (bottom right) find Add Custom Token button. Click it, fill in the token information and save it:

You should see VIEW token balance displayed as loading:

Refresh the page, re-login and observe your VIEW balance:

Ethereum Wallet / Mist

Go to Contracts tab (right in the navigation bar). Find Custom Tokens section and click Watch Token. Fill in token information and click OK:

VIEW tokens should be then visible on your account:

Open MetaMask, go to Tokens tab and click Add Token. Fill in token information and click Add:

VIEW tokens should be now visible on the Tokens tab:


VIEW tokens are automatically visible in the latest Parity wallet app:

Other wallets

Most wallets allow adding custom erc20 token by filling in basic token information. If you have any troubles with a particular wallet, please reach out on our Telegram group and we will help.

Lastly, some wallets support registering erc20 token in a token registry, which makes it automatically visible for all users of that wallet app. We are working on registering VIEW token in all such wallets.

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