Solving the Ad Problem

There’s no such thing as too many ads…. right..?

As a content creator, your channel should be your brand. It should be a reflection of your values, personality, and message. However, on traditional online video platforms, even the best brands are overshadowed by intrusive and annoying ads.

As a creator, you have little to no control over what ads are shown before, during, after, or in some cases, literally on top of your videos. The ads are intrusive, annoying, and distract from content. If a viewer clicks on an ad (intentionally or not), he or she will be redirected away from your content. Even if they do return, their viewing experience will have been interrupted and not have been as rich. Advertising also pushes viewers away from your videos to other channels, promoting fast content consumption and binge-watching, not quality viewing.

Additionally, ad-based platforms are not suitable for all kinds of content. Sure, it might work for very popular and mainstream creators and for viral videos. However, it is harder for creators that create niche content. While the quality may be incredibly high and the content may be interesting, many niche channels still don’t get a big enough follower base to be profitable. On mainstream platforms, ad revenue for such creators are rather small and unreliable.

Another problem is that these ads might be contraindicative of your brand. These ads might be for products or services that are not in line with your brand’s image, but are rather targeted towards your viewers. For example, you might be making a political commentary and the ads that show up on your video are for an opposing party. These advertisements distract from rich video content and decreases the viewer experience. This is because major online video platforms are almost 100% reliant on ad revenue and therefore care more about advertising dollars than they do content creators.

At Viewly, our fans enjoy videos without ads and our creators don’t have to worry about their content being overshadowed by corporate interests.

By employing a decentralized platform (the first of its kind), Viewly’s platform allows fans to support and sponsor their favorite content creators directly, rather than rely on ad revenue. This makes it an excellent choice for both niche and mainstream creators as niche audiences would be happy to pay small amounts for such content. Additionally, Viewly encourages “company sponsored endorsements”, where a company can directly agree on a campaign with an individual content creator. This would essentially replace ads, again, allowing the creator to receive an agreed-upon compensation directly as well as control what brands are affiliated with their channel.

Viewly‘s innovative ad free approach removes the incentives to track users or manipulate their attention. It facilitates engagement and gives creators a chance to build a community of fans and engage with them in a more meaningful way- free from outside corporate interests.

Viewly is a decentralised video platform powered by the blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing. Visit our webpage at, subscribe to our newsletter and join our communities on Telegram and Reddit so that you don’t miss out on the great opportunities!

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