Solving the Money Problem: Viewly embraces creator monetization on revolutionary platform

One of the biggest drawbacks of sharing videos on most major, centralized online video platforms is the ability for creators to make money. While there are literally thousands of amazing, high-quality videos on popular online video platforms, most creators are unable to sustain their channel on ad revenue alone. Due to money being managed by a “middleman” (in this case, the video platform itself), creators only receive a fraction of value they create- if that. Not only do creators have to have a minimum number of views in order to be eligible for monetization, but these middleman platforms lead to significant demonetization, or loss of revenue, after they take their cut from creators.

This dynamic, as it currently stands, can disenfranchise the most talented content creators from embarking on a journey of creating quality videos that have the potential to educate, inform, entertain, spark dialogue, or promote thought.

Viewly, however, provides a solution to this problem with our patronage model that significantly minimizes the role of the middleman. Viewly allows creators to post content and allows for payment directly from fans in the form of patronage sponsorship. Essentially, Viewly allows each creator to have his or her own channel and allows the creator to set their own prices and incentive programs. Creators can earn revenue by setting up subscription channels, offering paid access to exclusive content, receiving tips, or offering their own incentives such as contests or featured fan content. Additionally, creators can solicit businesses of their choice for business-sponsored endorsements within their own channel (not obtrusive banner ads from a third-party system).

To accomplish this, Viewly utilizes blockchain and dedicated VIEW token to facilitate these monetization mechanisms and ensure a more direct flow of funding from fans to creators, secure and safe from controlling middlemen and their demonetization practices.

With Viewly, creators can start earning right away, as long as they bring value to their audience.