Viewly and Hitfilm (FXHOME) join forces for a giveaway!

HitFilm Pro

As we celebrate the onboarding of even more amazing new creators here at Viewly, we’re proud to announce that we’re giving away TWO free copies of HitFilm Pro ($300 value). You will have until the end of the token sale (March 22nd 2018) to submit awesome content that you’ve made either in the past or especially just for this contest. Email for a chance to win. We’ve also reserved two slots in our upcoming creator showcase promotional schedule at the end that will run slightly beyond the day of the token sale because of this giveaway.

For those who are unfamiliar with HitFilm, it’s an all-in-one video editor and compositor package (the only one of it’s kind) that has become the favored choice by a new generation of “pro-Youtubers” who are delivering professional quality results on tiny budgets. Hitfilm ends the archaic process of separate editing and compositing processes- a workflow relic leftover from the film and broadcast world.

If you don’t manage to win the copy this time around, fret not. It’s popularity is due to the free version of HitFilm Express, an entirely free version of the software that does almost everything the pro version does and is often quoted as the best free video editor on the market. It has become the tool of choice for Youtubers like Freddie Wong (RocketJump) who used it for Video Game High School and has helped launch commercial work careers for others like Corridor Digital, who are now well known and loved for not just their own work but the promotional short films they’ve done for Ubisoft and others.

HitFilm Express is great for both new content creators and advanced ones alike. Much of the content produced for our alpha launch has been created using HitFilm Express. Unlike most software tutorials, HitFilm Express has the coolest video tutorials in the industry such as this Iron Man HUD tutorial. (And you used to think that the cheesy CG dinosaur in the official Combustion tutorial back in the day was cool.)

We’re excited to see your submissions and sharing your work with the world on Viewly!

Don’t forget! The last day to enter is Thursday, March 22nd!