Viewly is pleased to announce the Creator Advisory Board

Earlier this year, YouTube announced changes to its monetization program, telling content creators with small channels that they’ll no longer be able to monetize unless they can grow their subscriber base to above 1,000 subscribers, with 4,000 hours of view time. For reference, the previous benchmark to join the YouTube Partner Program and begin monetizing content was 10,000 lifetime views. YouTube gave creators just over a month to prepare for the changes, but few creators could meet the criteria set up by the company within the 30-day timeframe.

In addition, there has been a growing push by YouTube to connect advertisers to advertiser-friendly content. While it might not technically be considered censorship since YouTube video makers can still post (just about) anything they want, it is becoming increasingly clear to creators that these changes and cutbacks are hitting an emotional core as YouTube is putting the needs of advertisers above those of creators. As a result, many creators feel like they’re being booted from a community they once believed that they belonged to. It’s a sad time for many of YouTube’s lesser-known creators, but as they begin to take their content elsewhere, they’re still full of hope for the future.

This is where Viewly comes in.

Viewly aims to provide sustainable revenue for all creators, not just mainstream content producers. Viewly utilizes the blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing technology to eliminate the need for ads. Creators have endless ways to monetize their content, including fan patronage, micro-payments, sponsorships, memberships, premium content, and more. Even those with relatively small audiences can monetize their content. With Viewly, smart contracts allow for payments that are instant, trustless, and secure.

What is most important to us at Viewly is that we get it right the first time around. As a result, we are pleased to announce the Viewly Creator Advisory Board.

What Is The Creator Advisory Board?

The Creator Advisory Board (or CAB) is a research panel comprised of trusted creators whose goal is to provide continuous valuable feedback that is essential to building a long-lasting, constantly evolving, and continually growing video platform. The expertise of the creator advisory board will be invaluable in helping the Viewly team understand the complexities almost immediately as they arise, and in turn, act faster- creating a win-win situation: creators will get the product they want, the Viewly team will be better informed on what to build, and the fans and creators will receive an enhanced experience.

Who is on Board Already?

Our board is comprised of some major names in the online video and multimedia industries. So far, the board includes the following individuals:

  • Jay Ferguson, International Emmy and Canadian Screen Awards winner and creator of the web series “Guidestones”
  • Michael Matteo Rossi, a ten-year Hollywood veteran who most recently released the feature film “Sable” through Lionsgate Entertainment
  • Kenneth Bright Jr. of Fantasy Soft Entertainment, which features production and voiceover talent from Dragonball Z, Pokémon, and more
  • Jonathan “Uberdanger” Benlolo, who enjoys one million plus subscribers as a Youtube gaming star
  • The Juice Media, political satirists and creators of the viral Honest Net Neutrality Ad video

Being a web series trailblazer, Jay Ferguson is eager to show his support of Viewly.

“Being Emmy Award-winning content creators, we put our hearts and souls into our work. It is demoralizing to have a platform take more than half of the revenue you generate. Not so long ago, the content creators created content and distributors built audiences,“ said Ferguson. “Now content creators must also be their own distributors. This is pushing us away from what we do best- create content. We feel that Viewly is a platform that will allow creators to focus on making engaging, great content and getting paid directly for it. Let the creators create. Period.”

What Are the Next Steps?

In total, we plan to add about 40 creators of various sizes/background to our board. Over the next few weeks, we will be meeting and conducting interviews with content creators of all sizes. It’s key we learn about the problems everyone in the industry is facing — as not to tailor our offerings to a particular sect of creator.

In exchange for the feedback they provide to us, CAB creators will be given alpha access to the Viewly platform and will have the first opportunity to begin interacting with their fans in advance of a full market release.

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