Viewly Creator : Steven Fletcher — Co-Founder of WavemStudios London

Steven (pictured) in white

If there was ever a perfect fit for Viewly, Steven Fletcher is that person. A full-time payments programmer who uses crypto daily as well as a filmmaker in his free time, Steven’s most recent project was “The Commodore Story,” a documentary that tells the story of how Commodore made 8-bit computers such as the PET, Vic-20, and its flagship C64 and Amiga (16-bit). His project showcases how the technology influenced a generation of users through interviews with prominent engineers, game developers, and other innovators of that era. He has also produced Devoid, a lower budget crime drama, which is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Steven caught onto the concept of Viewly faster than any of our other creators who we introduced it to. He had this to say:

“The film and TV industry is going through a disruptive period with the introduction of Video on Demand and Subscription services. At the same time, the barrier to entry for production companies and individual filmmakers has been vastly reduced, allowing the amount of quality content created to increase. Traditionally, video content would be passed through a distributor with many people down the line taking a cut before and reward would come to you but now things are changing again with Viewly allowing filmmakers to be in total control of their content distribution in a secure manner.

Viewly is a secure decentralized video platform built by creators for creators, allowing safe distribution of video content by micropayment and subscription, enabling the creator to build their fanbase directly without the need of middlemen taking a cut, thus enabling more money going to the creator.”

WavemStudios is a new school video production company that makes feature documentaries and films.

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