Viewly Event Recap: SXSW Connect 2018

Another blog, another event! As you are well aware, we’ve been traveling quite a bit since wrapping up our token sale, attending as many events and learning as much as we can to better our platform and team. This past event saw a few of our team members traveling down to Austin, Texas for SXSW (South By Southwest).

8 speakers, 200 guests and a night full of discussion on platforms, advertising, influencer marketing + more

SXSW is a yearly conference and festival taking place from March 9th-18th, and is recognized for it’s live concert events, film premiers, and tech presentations. Each year begins with a Startup & Tech track, which brings together investors, founders, and established tech companies. This year, the tech track commenced with us co-hosting Connect 2018 with our friends over at NeoReach, an influencer marketing software company.

SXSW Startup & Tech Track presents visitors with new innovations and technologies

The event featured a handful of tech speakers, including a few blockchain specific speakers like Justin Wu of Growthly & Coincircle, Brady McKenna of District0X, and others in the tech field. The talks ranged from monetization problems on platforms like YouTube, to shifting platform revenue models. Specifically, our team touched on platform dependence, as well as other issues surrounding creators, like demonetization and its impact on the livelihoods of creators.

Discussing platform challenges at Connect 2018

Our team at Viewly is committed to facing current platform challenges head on and will continue to participate in enlightening events such as this one. We’re proud to have teamed up with such incredible speakers to provide some more insight to our project, and other like-minded blockchain companies. We look forward to our next event and hope to see you there!