Viewly Token Sale

Announcing Viewly token sale event

We are happy to announce the long-anticipated Viewly tokensale. The main token sale event will commence on February 22, 2018. This milestone event will help propel the Viewly platform on a journey of becoming the best blockchain-supported, creator-centric video platform, and the first with smart contracts and peer-to-peer video sharing.

Token sale details

* we will publish the exact ETH amounts a few days prior to the token sale

Contribution Phases

Viewly token sale process is divided into the following phases:


Whitelisting is the process of fulfilling KYC (Know-Your-Customer), AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) and legal requirements. Approved contributors will be able to take part in presale and crowdsale contribution phases.

To reserve your spot in the presale, please whitelist at your earliest convenience.


A presale for large and strategically aligned contributors opens on February 1st. The minimum participation threshold is 100 ETH, and the maximum bonus is 25%. Contributors above the 100 ETH threshold will be invited to do a Skype call with the team to confirm strategic alignment with the project.

A proportion of tokens will be reserved for people who whitelist before the February 20th. These tokens will be available to whitelisted contributors on a first come first served base starting February 20th (2 days before the public sale). The minimum participation threshold is 5 ETH. Contributors participating in this pre-sale will receive an early bird bonus of 5%.

If you’re interested in participating in the presale, visit

Public token sale

Crowdsale will start on February 22nd. It will run until total hard cap of $12 million has been reached or until 22nd of March. This sale will be done without discounts.

The minimum crowdsale participation threshold is 1 ETH.

Token Distribution

The maximum supply of 100 million tokens is to be distributed over the lifetime of the project, within ratios as proposed in the original Viewly Whitepaper. The following distribution outline has also been implemented in our smart contract.

Token Sales

50% of the tokens are available for sale. 10% of the tokens have already been sold in the seed sale in October of 2017. 30% of the tokens are to be sold in the main token sale (February 2018). The remaining 10% are reserved for future sales.

Content Creators

20% of the token supply will be used to incentivize content creators to switch to Viewly and bring their existing audiences. This will be done through the curation/engagement game in a form of geometric rewards.


9% of the token supply is to be used as incentives alignment mechanism for strategic partners, influencers and advisors.


3% of the tokens will be used to reward our most dedicated community members for various contributions to the project.

Team and Founders

18% of the token supply is reserved for the core contributors. These tokens shall be distributed on a meritocratic basis to individuals that contribute significant value to the project. Up to 4% of the tokens are being vested to the Founding team over a 25-month period, based on the monthly performance evaluation

Leftover tokens

Tokens are minted on a Just-in-Time basis. Unsold tokens may be minted in the future for the purposes of DAO.

The DAO and its Treasury

Blockchain governance and DAOs are fairly novel concepts. If Viewly converges on a full-DAO model, all unminted tokens from the sale and distribution contract shall be minted into a DAO controlled Treasury. The max supply of VIEW tokens is capped at 100 million.

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