Viewly welcomes Producer/Director/Writer Michael Matteo Rossi

Michael with Chris Petrovski (Madam Secretary, Sable)

Michael Matteo Rossi is a professional award-winning working director/producer/writer for over 10 years now. His first feature film, “Misogynist,” received worldwide distribution on DVD and VOD and also won “Best Narrative Feature” and “Best director” the Los Angeles Underground Film Festival. “Sable,” his second feature, was released in late April 2017 in part by Lionsgate. Michael is currently working on two projects: a television pilot by the name of “Crypto Game” (unfortunately, not related to cryptocurrencies!) and an upcoming crime thriller, “Chase,” currently in the early stages of casting and principal photography. It may be another in a series of long time collaborations between Michael and Madam Secretary actor Chris Petrovski (who plays Dimitri Petrov) and also another unnamed actor who recently completed a run on the Netflix series “Grimm.”

He has won multiple awards in recognized film festivals as well and a few years ago was put on a poll with Lena Dunham and Ryan Coogler of “Top directors under 30 to watch”. He’s recently finished a run as producer on “Underdog,” a story about a young girl who meets a boxing coach and bonds over their struggles with mutual addictions. His latest short, “Still,” was shown this year at the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival about a young husband who takes desperate measures after his wife is diagnosed with cancer. In 2016, he shot a TV pilot spec trailer called “Vengeance” (shown below) that has amassed more than 340K views and stars the infamous Tyrone “The Reactor” Magnus, a personality who himself enjoys well over a million subscribers and over 452 million views. He has even been featured on NBC for kicking off the ‘reaction video’ craze on Youtube. Here’s Tyrone reacting to himself in his own trailer helmed by Rossi. It is a project that Michael will continue to pursue once he wraps his current projects and it’s one that may find a good home at Viewly.

If you’d like to watch the Vengeance trailer full screen, click here
Michael shares about his philosophy and what inspires him with filmmaking in this interview
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