ThingsCon fosters the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT. This research trip to Shenzhen is part of our efforts: It helps our community understand different parts of the IoT ecosystem and builds bridges for future collaborations.

1) Why is a responsible Internet of Things so important?

Connectivity increasingly permeates the physical world. The world quite literally comes online one sensor, light bulb, car, or home at a time. This will undoubtedly bring with it sweeping changes.

Change is made through better day-to-day decisions. It accumulates exponentially, like compound interest. This is at the core of ThingsCon’s theory of change.

IoT is hard to understand & discuss

The Internet of Things is a massive connected systems — even a network of connected systems. This makes it inherently hard to understand, and even define. IoT is at the same time complex and highly technical. We also don’t have a good intuitive understanding of the long-term impact of data and data-driven systems.

Manifestations of IoT

Yet the Internet of Things’ impact is potentially huge. Connected products & services increasingly touch all areas of our lives: Connected cars, smart grids and smart meters, home automation and wearable fitness trackers are just a few areas we might encounter every day.

Arenas of the Internet of Things. Image: Peter Bihr (CC by)
Arenas of the Internet of Things. Image: Peter Bihr (CC by)

If the Internet of Things will be boon or bane is decided now, in its early stages

Transparency, inclusivity and diversity, governance and oversight, are all aspects that can fall by the wayside just too easily.




An exploration of the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem & the importance of creating a responsible Internet of Things. To download the full text (PDF) just head on over to & learn more about creating a responsible #IoT at

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Peter Bihr

Peter Bihr

What’s the impact of emerging tech, IoT, AI? @thewavingcat: Research & strategy. Co-founded @ThingsCon for a responsible #IoT. Mozilla Fellow. @ZephyrBerlin:👖

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