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4 types of customer segments defined from data

Customer segmentation from the order and campaign data to improve marketing personalization

Ground Rules

4 types of customer segments

  1. Loyal Champion: these are your most valuable customers. They bought the most often and have spent the most in your online shop. Their latest order has been recently placed. Keep this segment within the loyalty program.
  2. Dating: these are active customers who have placed a couple of orders, the last one being placed recently. Engage within four days of the latest order. This is key to building a relationship.
  3. Should Nurture: these customers placed 1–2 orders of the average value. Engage with discount codes to keep them coming back. More importantly, you are getting that essential touchpoint with something to offer.
  4. Tease: these customers are active on and off. They’ve placed a couple of orders of high-value orders but are inconsistent. These customers you may need to understand more about- perhaps survey to figure out why.



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