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How to Improve Marketing Personalization With AI-driven Customer Touchpoints

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What are your touchpoints? Touchpoints are the individual contacts through which customers engage with the business and its products/services.

Businesses try to guarantee that clients will be pleased with the interaction when they connect with their product, customer service, sales staff, or marketing materials. But this single focus on individual touchpoints misses the bigger — and more significant — picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience. Marketers know that customer experience (CX) is essential to get right. Only by scrutinizing the customer’s experience through their own eyes — along the entire journey taken — can you really begin to understand how to improve performance meaningfully.

74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.Instapage

36% of consumers say retailers need to do more to offer personalized experiences.Retail TouchPoints

Marketing personalization or personalized marketing uses data to deliver meaningful brand messages that are tailored to an individual prospect. This is to convey a one-on-one customer experience. Personalization is better than traditional marketing because targeting is both more efficient and effective than appealing to a majority hoping to acquire a small number of customers. Analytics are more sophisticated, and better data collection on individual prospects allows marketers to communicate with prospects using the most relevant message at the ideal time.

Incorporating critical data isn’t always easy. Getting the data perfectly aligned in the context that reflects reality and the perfect attention required is not a human trait at the scale needed.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), companies can gain innovative marketing insights into how to serve their customers best with more predictive demands, improve marketing results, and deliver real-time customer experiences in a way that even a team of data crunchers NEVER could. The draw of AI to provide value for the company is inevitable because of its power and efficiency. What value you ask:

  • Revenue growth from AI-optimized customer journeys
  • Lower cost acquisition costs (CAC) over time with AI-defined customer personas and audiences

The other key to utilizing AI in marketing personalization regarding customer journey optimization is to get the right content at the right time for individual site visitors, based on what they have seen or consumed in the past search.

Customer journeys will continue to be the focus of marketing analysts as the map to improving customer experiences. Predictive personalization uses data analysis and profiling tools, including customer data platforms (CDP), to adapt the content to the changing customer attitudes and optimize conversions in terms of automating time-consuming downstream content changes.

Brands’ growing need to adapt the content in real-time to automatically optimize conversions is projected to fuel the AI-based personalization market as demand to do more with fewer increases.

AI-optimized customer journeys to generate more revenue through enhanced CX and touchpoints (both physical and digital) will be the goal of most marketing teams for at least the next ten years. The AI-based personalization software used in these customer journeys can create data models to derive insights on the significant customer behaviors and, in turn, build prescriptive or predictive decision engines to meet that customer’s actual needs.

80% of companies that have adopted an AI marketing and sales use case reported a revenue increase.” McKinsey & Co.

AI presents an opportunity for businesses to advance their understanding of customer goals and the journeys they take to accomplish those goals.

The test, however, is in deciding how to start creating the right processes and skills for data collection, as well as building AI algorithms and models swiftly enough to reap the benefits. This is where a sophisticated, AI-enabled customer journey analytics platform can help give high-impact customer experiences quickly and effectively. Gone are the days of treating AIs as nice-to-haves. Businesses need to recognize it as a main competitive edge. We at VIEWN believe that AI can (and will) improve every aspect of the customer experience.



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