You are too, a daughter, a wife, a sister, if you think for a minute

There are consequences, be it happy or sad, but there are, if you are in it.

You tamed your heart, and moved along calling it acceptance.

Away from your own, started a new life, but your tears knew the value of distance.

You are still the daughter, the wife, the sister but now the top role is being a mother.

People show love and affection, but yours is imperative to those, other.

Tears and smile were companions, that feeling was virtuous, strong that flashed I am your.

Giving up everything you adore, to see that baby smile is what made your life loving for.

Every day, I lived, but you did that too, with me.

There were moments where I’d be hurt, felt low, and you’d cry for it, with me.

Those little memory threads, is what I keep shielded and sleep hugging every night.

That smile, on your face, is what, that pushes me to never give up without a fight.

Have now grown, serving my duties, and surviving every day

Still wish, it’d be worth, only when I’ll get to see you again one day

It’s simple but hard to explain, define and make understand, to some

It’s beyond words and is limitless, I love you and thank you for being my MOM!

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