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ReactRiot here we come!!

We are excited to take part in ReactRiot — 48h remote hackathon!

Try via Expo on your iOS device the latest build.

If you liked what you see, you can vote for us here!

The app layouts you see above are first drafts of a new type of communicator for teams. We know there is Skype, WhatsApp, and thousands of other voice messaging apps, but the challenge remains:

Threads in voice messages that make sense and are easy to follow when many people contribute to the conversation.

We (Darío Javier Cravero, Tom Parandyk) need an app that solves that problem for our communication purposes, and since we couldn’t find anything suitable, we decided to make one.

This is a LIVE post, we will be updating as we go. Stick around. 🙌

24.06. 3:49am EST

OK. With some “sort of design direction” and app setup, we go and rest for a couple of hours. More should come with the morning coffee. 🌄

But first night walk with Joy!

Always Sooo Excited!!!??? :D

11:16am EST

I woke up to Darío Javier Cravero message with this update:

3:31pm EST

In the background we get Yelle to provide good vibe.

Here’s what we found in the process of making our timeline store the audio, Auraglyph. Pure awesomeness! Like Reactable but with the stylus!

Oh, and we are recording audio already!

6:53pm EST

Things are looking good!! Thanks to ViewsDX we got almost all our features built together with animations in quite no time!

7:42 EST

Next stage is about to start! Darío Javier Cravero is mentally preparing himself to meet his destiny!!

Playhead also joined the party!

9:19am EST Sunday 25.06.2017

Today I woke up to this state of the app! Darío Javier Cravero went for it last night and now we not only recording on the back end we also showing it on the front end. Yes there are still some challenges ahead, but it looks great, don’t you think?

So what happens there? When there is a recorded track it gets red colour. At that point we can listen to what’s recorded (that would mark the timeline green), but we can also record a response in between someones message.

The goal of the first functional experiment is to see if recording messages in context of other messages allows for asynchronous conversation build up.

In principle, I can leave a message with few consecutive questions and you can answer each of them by splitting my message in bits. Now, imagine more team members joins the conversation and as they listen to my questions and your answers, they too add their thoughts after your answer.

Would it work? We hope we will find out today!

7:30 EST

The data is persistent!!! This time I’m the safari lady :) and any audio messages I add to the timeline is marked with red colour. The yellow bits are the pieces of conversation I didn’t listen to yet, and when the playhead starts working, the green colour will mark all listened parts.

8:47pm EST

It turns out Async is almost cross-platform. Here’s Darío testing it on the go

🎊 🎉

Overall, it was a great weekend for us!

We can’t wait to iron out all the little details and make it publicly available.

Most of all, we can’t wait to start using Async as our communication tool.

Kudos to React Riot for organising the event!🏳️‍🌈

Future challenges known at this point:

  • Layout is implemented for iPhone6s size of the screen.
    TODO Test other devices
  • Currently, only one person at the time can record a message.
    TODO Implement real time collaboration
  • Timeline and audio wave need some fixing of timing applied to the hight.
  • For now, users are assigned automatically.
    TODO Implement login and signup with backend
  • Skip button (the two arrows in the middle) needs its logic.
  • The full flow with signup, login, on-boarding, profile, list of meetings, errors, needs to be designed and implemented.
  • Playhead to keep playing on release in the drop off spot after scrolling timeline to a different position.
  • Laud speaker should be enabled when the device is in the horizontal position. We contacted Exponent folks and await some guidance
  • Marking the listened timeline has to be user dependant.




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