Apache OFBiz: Functional User Guide

We at Viithiisys are working in depth on OFBiz from more than 10 years currently and other Apache frameworks. Our team has been working on E-commerce development, Back-office application customization, ERP implementation, custom application development based on OFBiz framework. Meanwhile, we thought of making people aware of the advantages and introducing users to OFBiz platform through an user-end blog series on Apache OFBiz. In these blogs we will be discussing different modules of the Apache OFBiz in detail.

Areas to be covered in this Blog series would be —

  • Catalog Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Party Manager
  • Manufacturing
  • Order Manager application
  • Framework Web Tool
  • Entity Data Modal

Dive into our OFBiz Series and explore every module of the framework. If you find something that we missed or should be included in our “Apache OFBiz: Functional User Guide” please share it with us. Thanks for reading this far and I hope it helps you on your journey!

“We always appreciate and acknowledge all the suggestions from our readers and will look forward to respond them in particular”

Originally published at www.viithiisys.com on May 2, 2018.