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Creating Desktop Apps using Flutter

In this article we will discuss about how to create and run a desktop app using Flutter.

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  1. For creating a desktop app with full support, we need to switch over to either master or beta channel.

To identify in which channel we are in , type the command.,

flutter channel

This shows that we are currently in master channel.

To switch between channels, use the command.,

flutter channel <channel name>flutter channel master //if you want to move to master channel
flutter channel beta //if you want to move to beta channel

Then run the command.,

flutter upgrade

2. After switching between channels use the following command to enable desktop support.

flutter config --enable-<platform>-desktopflutter config --enable-windows-desktop  //in windows OS
flutter config --enable-macos-desktop //in mac OS Systems
flutter config --enable-linux-desktop //in linux OS

3. Next we need to install Visual Studio for debug purposes. During the installation process of Visual Studio make sure that the Desktop Development check box is enabled.

4. After installing Visual Studio, Run the following command.,

flutter create .

This command will create a folder named windows in our main project directory.

5. Now we can notice that, in available debug devices, windows is also getting listed. Select windows for debug and run the project.

Well… that’s it., Our Flutter desktop app is up and running on windows platform.🥳




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