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Firebase In-App cloud messaging in Flutter

In this article we will discuss regarding how to setup Firebase In-App messaging in our Flutter app.

First let’s start by creating a flutter project.

flutter create firebase_inapp_messaging_app

Then in the app level build.grade file, add the following code as shown below.

After this is done, let’s create a Firebase project for android platform.

Follow the steps as shown and register our app with the Firebase. Now after registering our app with Firebase, let’ start with implementing Firebase Cloud Messaging.
To get started, we need to select the cloud messaging under all products in side menu panel and start by creating a campaign.

Now let’s fill in the basic details like title, body and image for the campaign and publish it.

Well that’s it. 🎉 Run the app to see it in action.🥳

Refer my video tutorial for complete guide:👉



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