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Flutter Bloc — Bloc Pattern | HTTP POST request | JSON

In this article we will discuss about how to make http post request with the help of Bloc pattern.

📺 Video Tutorial

🛠️ Dependencies

🔭 Implementation

Sample Screens

  1. Creating states.

We totally have 4 states in this app (Initial, Loading, Loaded and Error states).

2. Creating Events

We totally 1 event in this app (SendData()) which is used for making a post request.

3. Mapping events to states

As soon as the ‘SendData’ event is triggered from pressing the search button in UI, We emit ‘Homepageloading’ state which will lasts for 3 seconds and then we will make a call to a method (fetchDetails()) that is written down separately inside the repository folder.

The API call (fetchDetails()) written in repository folder is as follows.,

The dart model class created for this app is shown below.,👇

4. Building up UI.

Well that’s it. 🥳🎉

This is how we can make use of bloc architecture to make HTTP request in flutter.

Get the complete source code here 👉:

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