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Get image from Firebase storage in Flutter Web

In this article we shall discuss about how to read an image from Firebase storage using our flutter web application.

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  1. Add image(s) in Firebase storage by clicking “upload file button”.

2. Update index.html.

Add your Firebase credentials in index.html file present in web folder of your project directory. You can get your Firebase credentials from the Firebase console after creating a web app project in it.

3. Update main.dart.

Add the below two lines of code in your main.dart file. [Line no 2 & 3]

4. Change rules in Firebase console for Firebase storage.

For debugging purpose set the read and write permission as “true”.

rules_version = '2';
service {
match /b/{bucket}/o {
match /{allPaths=**} {
allow read, write: if true;

5. Getting image url from Firebase storage.

Make use of getDownloadURL() to get the URL of the image stored in Firebase storage and pass in the image file name. (it’s “Flutter.png” in our example.)

This is how we read image from Firebase storage and display them in our Flutter Web application.

Well that’s it.,🥳., Run the code to see it in action.

Get the complete source code here 👉:

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