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Tooltip Widget in Flutter

Tooltip widget in Flutter is used to provide additional when the user moves or points over a particular widget.

In the above example when we point over the snow icon we get the information stating snow icon.

Wrap any flutter widget using the Tooltip widget to avail this feature.


This Tooltip widget takes a list of parameters which are as follows.,

message       : <String>
child : <Widget>
waitDuration : <Duration>
showDuration : <Duration>
padding : <EdgeInsetsGeometry>
preferBelow : <Bool>
margin : <EdgeInsetsGeometry>
height : <Double>
textStyle : <TextStyle>
decoration : <Decoration>

In our case the code would look like.,

That’s it!!.🥳 Run the app to see Tooltipin action.

👨‍💻Get the complete Source Code here 👉🏻:



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