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🕵️‍♂️ About

🥅 Goals

℠ Recon as a “Service”

Recon is a 6 step service designed to educate communities on Pittsburgh neighborhoods with affordable housing

“How do you we convey care? because we do…”


Data Collection (discretionary and relevant)
Setting up the visit to Incubator

TY working on establishing the initial connection, informing customers on what’s in store

TY subsequently asks for some relevant data from the customer. This data is around customer age, income, family size and investment capability. This data helps TY to personalize the chat experience and later visit to the incubator

After instilling excitement in the customer, TY also facilitates incubator visit where customers get a deep dive in the neighborhood, housing concepts and much more.



(L) Topography extracted from Google Earth Pro (R) Finished neighborhood model on Trimble Sketchup (a week in the making)
Teleportation interaction allows user to quickly navigate through the large neighborhood
At any point the experience can be Reset
Ray-casting through the hand controller pops up interactive UI with details about neighborhood elements
Further interaction with controllers allows user to explore various neighborhood features like like transportation, amenities, urban and street furniture

House Design

ARKit prototype with a segment of neighborhood. SmartphoneAR proved to manageable on development front and easily scalable as users can enjoy the experience at their convenience whenever.
For the main app interface, we focused on UI elements to provide consistent orientation and interactive capabilities with as much detail about the fixtures and finishes

Tangible Takeaway

Tangible cards design by Marisa Lu
Yup, Marisa thinks its cool 🙌😹

Follow Up

We built the capability of scanning tangible card in TY itself, so that users don’t have to download a separate app but can continue from within messenger app

TY can also act as a financial consult, advising on techniques to better afford the houses. Such can be a great resource to establish a long term strategy and we believe TY can be a trustworthy partner.

Recon is special in my opinion because of the social sensitive topic its trying to address and a special collaboration between Architecture and Design. Shout-out to:

Anna Gusman for awesome branding

Aisha Dev, Marisa Lu, Lexi Yan for the comprehensive tech analysis of mobile AR platforms in the market currently

Soonho Kwon for beautiful environment design and development of the site on Unity

and to Cassidy, Jake, Jay and Yoonho for their contributions with architectural concepts.

Vikas Yadav

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Vikas Yadav

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Vikas Yadav

Exploring delight in essentials