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I’m a UX Designer from Bangalore (India), with interest in psychology and in general — understanding human behaviors.

After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering, I started my career as a developer at a gaming startup called Hashcube. Soon I realized I enjoyed playing around with the UI, so I started focusing on the front-end part of coding (UX Design was not yet a thing here).

My next job was at a startup as well, but a B2B product this time — Recruiterbox. Being a fan of productivity tools myself, this recruiting software was a lot more relatable at a personal level. Probably why I stayed here for more than 5 years while my first job lasted barely a year, though both the startups were amazing places to work at.

Though I joined here as a front-end developer, I ended up designing the UI along with one of the co-founders. After about a year of doing both UI/UX design and front-end coding, we realized the product was mature enough to afford full-time focus on the UX.

Having equipped myself with UX Design concepts and skills by then — through books, Coursera and other online materials, in addition in to the learnings from work itself — I took up the full-time role as a UX Designer.

After about 2 years at this role, I’m honored to note that the product was ranked #1 as the “most user-friendly recruiting software” by Capterra (2016).

By the end of the year, we had added one more UX Designer and a Visual Designer to the team. I stepped up to take the role of a Design Lead, helping make Design transparent across the organization, setting up systems/processes to ensure design consistency and team efficiency, and ensuring smoother collaborations between teams.

After spending almost 2 more years there (and more than 6 years overall at product startups), I wanted to get out of the comfort zone and explore other kinds of companies. So I joined GoodWorkLabs, a consulting agency focusing on UI/UX and building mobile apps, while the role I joined was for their client: Mercedes-Benz R& D India.

Working at such a large organization has taught me a lot (and reassured my preference for a small product-based company). Now it’s time to move on, to somewhere where Design Thinking is at the forefront of product decisions. Looking forward to the next opportunity!

If you think I might be a good fit for your organization, please do get in touch.




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Vignesh Nandha Kumar

Vignesh Nandha Kumar

UX Designer with interest in psychology

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