Announcing my upcoming book: The Innovation Blind Spot

On September 12th I’ll be coming out with a book: The Innovation Blind Spot: Why We Back the Wrong Ideas — and What to Do About It.

Historian Shelby Foote once said, “People don’t write books because they have a great deal of wisdom to impart to somebody; they write books because they want to find the answers for themselves, and share the search.” We obviously have a problem in our innovation economy. Humankind has never been wealthier, yet most people, places, and industries feel entirely left out. I wrote a book to find out why.

What I’ve learned from my work at Village Capital and beyond is that the biggest problem is HOW we come up with and get behind new ideas. Many times, the solutions to the problems we have are hiding in plain sight — we just don’t see them.

Click here to download Chapter 1 — “What Happened to the American Dream?” — and you can decide for yourself if you want to keep reading. With a foreword from AOL co-founder Steve Case and the stories of dozens of entrepreneurs and investors, I hope the book is insightful. I’d love you to consider buying a copy (or more!)

(If you want to order bulk copies, Village Capital can arrange a significant discount for our friends. Just let me know.)

I look forward to your feedback — and hearing your story as well.