Announcing the startups in our Energy: US 2018 program

Village Capital is excited to partner with the Autodesk Foundation and BNY Mellon to support eight early-stage startups working to improve energy efficiency in the energy-transportation nexus

We expend a lot of energy getting around. Transportation accounts for nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the US and enormous amounts of air pollution. Transportation is also the largest single cost for households that earn $50,000 or less, including in ways that we don’t always think about. Transportation costs are embedded in the cost of food, water, and other goods. Even as we move toward electric vehicles and improved fuel efficiency, there are still major questions around adopting these new technologies and dealing with issues like the high carbon footprint of air travel and the declining use of public transit.

Each of the eight companies in our Energy: US 2018 cohort has developed innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in aviation, increase public transportation use and ride sharing, or pave the way for the adoption of lower- or zero-emissions vehicles. Our investment program will provide cohort companies with the training, tools, and strategic connections to build and scale their startups, and in the process, their environmental and social impact.

The following companies are in the 2018 cohort:

Ampaire is on a mission to provide the world with all-electric powered commercial flights that are affordable, quiet, and environmentally conscious.

GoKid is the complete carpool solution for schools, teams, and active families — allowing parents to share driving responsibilities with other families they know and trust.

Helix Power is building next generation advanced flywheels for megawatt scale power burst management in metro transit, industrial applications, etc.

Onboard Dynamics seeks to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by removing infrastructure barriers to driving natural gas powered vehicles.

OpConnect provides EV charging infrastructure solutions that enable the owner/operator of chargers to manage, monetize, and leverage them.

Sensatek Propulsion Technology offers a wireless solution that helps engine manufacturers save millions by extending maintenance intervals with real-time combustion data.

UbicaBus provides customers with powerful analytics and data-driven insights that enable them to cut transportation costs and manage their fleets more effectively.

Vartega uses a chemistry-based recycling process to create high quality, low cost recycled carbon fiber for light-weighting applications in automotive, aerospace, and more.

Hannah Lewis is Energy Manager, US Ventures at Village Capital. Learn more on our website or Medium publication.

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