Looking for Great Entrepreneurs to Back the Next Generation

At Village Capital, we believe that founders themselves are the best forecasters and evaluators of a new idea’s likelihood of success. We have skin in the game behind this concept — entrepreneurs themselves make the final decision over all of the dollars we invest from our fund.

The thesis is working: we’ve made over 60 investments, and our companies are growing nearly 200% year on year in revenue, and we’re starting to see substantial evidence — in our experiment and others — that entrepreneurs themselves might just be the best forecasters of new ideas.

And putting entrepreneurs in control democratizes the process. In traditional VC, 78% of startup investment goes to just 3 US states (MA, CA, NY); less than 5% goes to women; and less than 1% goes to people of color. When entrepreneurs choose who receives funding, we’ve found that 90% of investments has been directed toward those other 47 states; 40% has gone to women, and 20% has gone to people of color.

We’re looking to grow our investment team — and we want entrepreneurs. If you’ve founded a company in one of our core industries: energy, agriculture, health, energy, or education — we’re interested in exploring working with you.

The Village Capital Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is an experiment — the role (paid, part-time, flexible location) will help with three things:

1) Find the best entrepreneurs in your industry, regardless of who they are or where they live

2) Train the best founders to prepare for success through our core programs

3) Invest in the best founders by helping us pick the next group of entrepreneurs we’re going to work with in your industry

If you’ve founded a company and are looking for your next thing — whether you want to found another firm or start a career as an investor — this role is for you.

To learn more, follow this link and tell us a little bit more about yourself.


Ross Baird

CEO, Village Capital