From left to right: Huli team (Kennt Chan, Alejandro Vega, Marcela Rivera) and Metix Medical team (Julio Guerrero, Kateryna Zakharova, Pablo Perez, Luis Guerrero Mata)

The entrepreneurs have spoken: Huli and Metix Medical selected for US$75,000 investment

Two health ventures were selected for investment — by a group of peer entrepreneurs — at the close of our Village Capital Health: Mexico 2017 program

Health ventures Huli and Metix Medical are our two newest peer-selected investments in Mexico!

Our three-month Health: Mexico 2017 program recently wrapped up in Mexico City. The program, run with support from Autodesk Foundation, as well as Linked Foundation and SISNova, was focused on discovering, developing, and investing in ventures with hardware and technological solutions to the greatest problems in access to affordable healthcare in Mexico.

In Mexico, demand for healthcare services exceeds supply across the board, with disproportionate need in rural communities. Chronic conditions have become a challenge nation-wide: 75% of all deaths in Mexico are caused by non-communicable diseases. Even with the launch of government insurance programs like Seguro Popular (“Popular Insurance”), nearly half of the 122 million Mexicans still have to pay completely out-of-pocket.

The country currently lacks the infrastructure to address these problems: The health sector faces inefficient resource allocation, opaque and nonexistent regulations, insufficient data, and a lack of communication between private and public institutions. That means there are millions of Mexicans without access to the services they need to prevent, detect, and treat illnesses.The eleven companies that participated in our first Health-focused cohort in Mexico program are all working on these problems, including our two new portfolio companies, who were selected for investment based on their peers’ evaluations through a day-long ranking process (more on that here).

Huli offers a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects patients, doctors and hospitals in both the private and public sector. Their user-friendly web platform includes an online calendar, electronic health records, online presence, and marketing.

Metix Medical provides clinicians with high-tech devices to improve patient outcomes. Metix aims to eradicate the technological deficiencies in the healthcare sector by introducing innovative and user-friendly medical devices.

The two startups were selected to receive a US$75,000 investment each from VilCap Investments and Pomona Impact.

Village Capital Mexico will be recruiting for our 2017 FinTech program starting this spring. Sign up to receive updates from our Mexico team by clicking here!

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