Announcing Bumblebee Spaces: Making Space For What Matters

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Bumblebee Spaces as they endeavor to make space for what matters. We’re also proud to work on this investment with Village Global Network Leader, bestselling author and professor, Adam Grant.

The Bumblebee team is lead by product focused founder Sankarshan Murthy whose background at Apple, Tesla and 3DR highlights his experience and desire to delight customers with elegant hardware and software solutions to some of life’s largest problems. Bumblebee is no different.

Sankarshan and his team understand that, on average, people spend nearly 40% of their income on housing with relatively low flexibility and utility of the spaces that matters most. With skyrocketing city rents and even smaller residential spaces, every inch matters. Each time you purchase and place a couch, TV, bed, dresser, or table into your home, they become unmovable islands, constricting the usability of your already shrunken square feet. Bumblebee believes the push toward minimalist living and micro housing has opened up new opportunities to rethink how we both make and use space.

Bumblebee uses smart robots and software to increase usable square feet and reduce residential footprint by storing, managing, and retrieving objects on-demand, starting with systems installed in a room’s ceiling. Bumblebee’s first product is one of the rare consumer inventions that truly feels futuristic, ushering in the world once promised by television shows like The Jetsons.

Through our time, connections and capital, we’re thrilled to support Bumblebee Spaces as they attempt to unlock the enormous untapped potential of underutilized space, delivering more modularity, efficiency and intelligence in our homes.

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Want to learn more? Sankarshan recently joined Village Global on our Venture Stories podcast to share the origin story of building Bumblebee and why trends in urbanization, housing and storage present a huge opportunity for investors and founders alike. We encourage you to listen here.

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