Lessons on Leadership & Being a Better CEO with John Donahoe CEO of ServiceNow

We were thrilled to host a Masterclass roundtable session with our founders and John Donahoe, CEO of ServiceNow. From the purview of operating a public company with a market cap of more than $30 billion and 6,000 employees worldwide, John is at the helm of one of the leading IT systems management companies on earth.

Prior to ServiceNow, John was CEO of eBay for more than seven years, where he succeeded Meg Whitman and grew the company to $70+ billion market cap. He has served or serves on the boards of Intel, Nike, PayPal, Dartmouth College, and various other notable organizations. John is known as one of the most inspirational leaders in Silicon Valley. He is a highly sought-after mentor to CEOs including Brian Chesky at Airbnb. We’re honored to have him among our small group of world-class executives and collaborators whose time and expertise help power our network of founders at Village Global.

When we asked John to deliver a Masterclass to 12 diverse and determined founders in our portfolio, John gladly invited us all to the ServiceNow HQ where he riffed on topics of leadership, culture building, talent development, and how to grow as a CEO in the tech industry.

He shared advice on when to hire ahead, invest in and train, or replace personnel on your team and gave insight into his most common piece of advice on professional growth when advising CEOs. John also did an in-depth demonstration of how to let someone go with dignity and grace.

At Village, we’re delighted to help our founders to get up close and personal with some of Silicon Valley’s best.

You can watch the abridged conversation here.

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