Demo Night 8/2 Recap

Thank you to those of you who made it to the VVC’s Demo Night this week! On behalf of Carl and I, we are so proud to see the community growing so quickly and very excited to see continued growth as more passionate people join the group.

If you could not make it but are interested in joining, check our meetup group for more information!

Demo #1: TriviaNote

Evan from TriviaNote started off the night with his 5 minute pitch and Q&A session.

TriviaNote is a socially-oriented study platform that automatically transforms class notes into quizzes, flash cards, and player vs. player trivia challenges.

Evan discussed their current product offering, why there is a need for TriviaNote in the education industry, and where his team of young entrepreneurs are going with TriviaNote. If you would like to contact Evan directly, please email him directly:

Demo #2: Mission360

Erin Sykes presenting Mission 360
Mission 360 allows you to create a stronger body, enriched spirit, and expanded mind. Anywhere. At any time.

If you would like to contact Erin, email her directly:

Demo #3: Solmica

David Urias answering questions about presentation
Solmica’s Interchangeable Structural Panel System offers architects and builders a smart wall, floor, and roofing alternative to regular lumber and framing materials for residential/commercial structures at a lower cost while significantly reducing installation time, job-site waste, and post-construction callbacks.

If you would like to speak with David further, contact him directly:

Demo #4: Pebbles & Kobalt

Tom Lamb of Pebbles presented his new new digital display platform engineered to create real-time, interactive user experiences regardless of display format. For more information, contact Tom directly at (or)

At the end of the night, attendees continued networking and asked follow-up questions of the presenters.

Watch out for our next event invite — due sometime in September. If you have any feedback from the event or any suggestions for events moving forward, please don’t hesitate to share.

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VVC seeks to foster entrepreneurship by facilitating communication, providing access to resources and creating community. Through VVC, members meet every few weeks to participate in an array of events. Event formats might include idea incubation, demo events, educational panels, speaker events and happy hours.

This group operates as an independent entity.

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