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Food for your belly and soul Calangute

The best way to understand a culture is through its food. The cuisine in a particular region might be the same as its neighboring state or town, but it will have subtle nuances unique to its region. Food will give you a lot of information on the surrounding area like the spices that are indigenous to that particular area, the traditions of the place and tastes of the people.

Goa is one such place that has a cuisine that speaks its own story. Every one of us has gone to Goa at some point in our lives. Be it with friends or family or a solo trip; a trip to Goa is memorable because of many things, but the thing that sticks with most of us is the food. Being a coastal area the fare here is mainly seafood. And each area in Goa has a different take on the food. Sometimes it’s the spices used or the way of cooking. And with the kind of cultural mix that Goa has; it’s no wonder the food is so different. There are a lot of influencers, the Konkani style of cooking is very apparent, but then you see a lot of Portuguese influences too. Calangute is one such place in Goa, a beach town in the northern part of the state that is quite popular with the holiday crowd.

As with any holiday destination, Calangute has its share of restaurants, shacks and other forms of eateries. With such an abundance of places to eat out, obviously the average traveler will be baffled and spoilt for choice! But which ones are the right places to eat? In this article, we’ll give you enough information on which restaurants should not be missed and we’ll leave out which ones should be given a wide berth to! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are just a few words away.

  1. Cafe Sussagado Souza:
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You want authentic Goan food and drink; this is the place to be! This quaint, little house painted yellow and situated just south of the Calangute market is designed in the Portuguese style is known for it’s Chicken Xacuti, Fish curry served with rice and pork sorpotel all polished off with a good shot of feni! It’s affordable too with mains being priced at Rs.150–300/-. What more could you want?

2. Casandré:

This place is a lovable time-warp, a wonderful little taverna housed in a Portuguese style bungalow away from the hum drum of the beach crowd. The best thing is how they are still so old fashioned; the menu which is long offers everything from sizzlers to traditional Goan cuisine. And when everything is affordable it makes it so much better, the food is priced from Rs.150–300/-for the mains.

3. Le Poisson Rouge:

You want a fancy, romantic dinner under the canopy of stars with your loved one? Then, this little Indo-French place along the Baga River is the best place to go. They do fine dining like no one else. Their food is a flavorsome mix of two very different cultures expertly melded with the help of locally sourced ingredients. A bit pricey, but not out of reach at Rs. 390–480/- for the mains. They are only open for dinner though.

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4. Go With the Flow:

Aptly named, this restaurant packs a punch in both ambience and food. They have a neon –lit garden that’s right out of a fantasy world and the illuminated white wicker chairs add to the wow factor. As if that wasn’t enough, their global menu with Eurasian flavours is to die for! The best part; you can ask for tasting plates, go right for the small bite! You have to try their Prawn Laksa and Pork belly too. An unforgettable dining experience! Quite pricey with mains starting from Rs. 200 -650/-.They’re open for lunch and dinner.

5. A Reverie:

A gorgeous lounge bar, all armchairs, cool jazz and whimsical outdoor space, this is the place to spoil yourself rotten; with the likes of Serrano ham, grilled asparagus, French wines and Italian cheeses on the menu, there’s absolutely no doubt that you will end up spoilt for choice. A Reverie likes to style itself as ‘fun dining’ and doesn’t take itself too seriously, you’ll end up doing the same! A top choice in Calangute and Baga for dinner. The mains start from Rs. 475–700/-.

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6. Pousada by the Beach:

A simple beach front restaurant that offers only lunch is bona fide fine-dining. The menu offers expertly prepared, wonderful, mouth-watering delicacies cooked in the traditional Goan style. Very pricey with their mains starting at Rs. 550–710/-. You can also catch the chef at Pousada Tauma’s upmarket Copper Bowl which he oversees.

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7. Fiesta: The long-running Fiesta has undergone a classy makeover: a rustic beachfront bar with all-day dining, and fine dining by candlelight around the pool in the evening. Overseen by fashionista Yellow Mehta, the restaurant offers an intimate and sophisticated Mediterranean-style dining experience with a menu that boasts of homemade pizza and pasta and extends to French-influenced seafood dishes and tiramisu. It is definitely a food fiesta for the customer! The mains start at Rs. 350–950/-. They have neon lighting too!

8. Britto’s:

This restaurant is an institution in Baga and at the north end of the beachfront. The arena-sized restaurant has a longer list of drinks on their menu than food! A popular hotspot with the young crowd, it’s known for its breakfast, Sunday roast and dinnertime can get really busy. They have live music sometimes too. The iced Kingfisher mini kegs are quite popular, we hear. And what’s more, it’s kind on your wallet too with mains starting from Rs. 260–560/-.

9. Infantaria:

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Once upon a time, this was Calangute’s best bakery. Now, Infanteria is a popular Italian-cum-Indian restaurant with a fondue-meets-curry theme. The bakery roots haven’t been lost though; they are still there, with homemade cakes, croissants, little flaky pastries and real coffee. Get in early for breakfast before the good stuff runs out. Regular live music in season. Nice and easy on your pocket, with the pastries priced at Rs. 50–200/-, and the mains at Rs. 140–580/-.

Have fun stuffing yourselves full of good food in Goa! Do let us know of our dining experiences and if you’ve discovered any fun places to eat!

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