Biggest news portal in Lithuania features a photo tour around Vilnius Tech Park

Vilnius Tech Park, located in the renovated XIX century buildings, is becoming a startup hub for more than 750 creative entrepreneurs in fintech, digital design, big data and the like.

As reports, architects of the project had a great challenge to change the old atmosphere of the former hospital while keeping the authentic details of cultural and historical value. The whole interiors of the 15 buildings located in the park are made in one style, but have different functions. There are offices, coworking area, bistro, conference center and other necessary amenities for the startups, while the park itself remains open to society.

The architects have also made some new interior improvements to boost the creativity among the young and creative people. For example, some of the furniture, like reception tables, were made by the local craftsmen from the materials found in the park.

Check out the full article, video interview with the main architect of the site and a photo tour around Vilnius Tech Park at (in Lithuanian):

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