Exclusive legal services for startups as COBALT partners with Vilnius Tech Park

COBALT, one of the leading law firms in the Baltic region, has agreed a business development infrastructure partnership with Sapiegos tech park in Vilnius. Through this partnership, COBALT, which already has offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, will set up a unit in the park. The new agreement also means that the young entrepreneurs based in Sapiegos, the largest and most complex ICT hub in the region, will have direct access to COBALT‘s legal expertise through exclusive service offers.

A lawyer next door

Instant access to COBALT‘s know-how and experience will accelerate both the relocation process for foreign companies and the overall development of the dynamic young companies in Vilnius‘ startup ecosystem.

And as Elijus Burgis, a Partner and Head of the COBALT Corporate Transactions Department, explains, the law firm are excited by the prospect of teaming up with some of the brightest new companies in the region. “If someone has a question or needs some legal documents, COBALT lawyers will be just down the corridor or a quick Skype call away. For COBALT, having these start-ups nearby is a way to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in a market where young companies may become the next big thing. Who knows, maybe we‘ll have a chance to provide the first legal support for the next globally recognized company?“

A dedicated COBALT team of more than 10 lawyers will be available to regularly advise startups from the tech park on a broad range of key legal topics, from investor-client relations, angel investments and venture capital funds, through to IP and data protection, tax and employment-related legal matters. COBALT will have a team of several lawyers working in the park, giving entrepreneurs from the Sapiegos community easy access to COBALT’s expertise and services.

“We have already been involved in more than 25 startup related deals, offering tailored legal solutions to meet the needs of each company,” explains Akvilė Bosaitė, a Partner at COBALT. “We work with high-growth private companies and publicly traded companies, plus the largest investment banks and private equity funds in the region on various corporate and financing matters. This enables us to offer a one-stop project management approach plus all the necessary expertise and support.”

As a partner of Sapiegos, the firm will also offer a special service package and favourable conditions for startups looking to expand or relocate their business to Lithuania.

Unmatched competence and enthusiasm

Darius Zakaitis, Managing Director of Sapiegos Tech Park in Vilnius, believes COBALT’s reputation for excellence combined with their enthusiasm for working with new companies makes them an ideal partner. “We understand how important legal support is to both local and foreign startups,” he explains, “which is why our team has put considerable effort into finding the right partner from the top legal firms in the Baltics. On top of their high level of competence, COBALT have shown an unmatched enthusiasm and motivation to work with startups. I am confident that we have found a trusted partner and I believe our community members have just got a valuable new friend, one with extensive legal knowledge that will help them grow.”

And Mr Zakaitis is keen to point out that the complex business development infrastructure that is offered exclusively to Sapiegos community members does not end at legal assistance. With VC funds, startup accelerators, incubators and lawyers already in place, Sapiegos also expects to be bringing in industry leaders in HR, accountancy, communication and many other fields of expertise in the near future. This network of support, all located on site, will enable the innovative businesses in the Sapiegos community to grow faster.

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