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Vim Sessions

Plus: A custom command to save the session, the files, and then exit.

Understanding the Commands:

To Save a Session (:mksession, :mks)

To Restore a Session (:source, :so, vim -S)

Example Use Cases:

Daily Saving Sessions of an Ongoing Project

Maintaining Stable Projects


To git or Not To git?

  • Add Sessions.vim to your project’s .gitignore file. - Since this auto-created file is now more related to your personal workflow on the project, it could bring more pain than help if committed to the project’s repo.
  • Commit PriceUpdate.vim (example) to the project’s repository. - If you create a custom session file to help quick maintenance on a stable project, it may be worth sharing with others since it could help anyone to dive in and make specific work without searching for files and content inside the project.

An Alias to Save the Session, the Modified Files, and Exit

command! Xs :mks! | :xa "save the session, save modified files, and exit

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