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Adam Lambert

A Battalion Chief for the third largest fire department in the U.S., certified under the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and one of the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the fire service, Adam Lambert has a robust fitness background. He has gained much renown and was recruited to be contributing editor of The First Twenty, a web-based wellness program for fire fighters. His expertise has quite the reach, also flourishing through his firefighter fitness blog, www.fitforduty.org, and in person through the Bee the Wellness program. He enjoys keeping fit by competing in the Firefighter Olympics and Crossfit Games, and motivates others to do the same in the way that works best for them.

Vanessa Lambert

Vanessa has also always kept in tip-top shape, whether it was through soccer, basketball, swim, or cheer leading. She first fell into coaching when her gymnastics coach asked her to teach introductory classes. In her early 20’s, she continued to teach, this time as one of the first female surf instructors in Hawaii. As she went on to push her fitness to new heights, she boosted her nutritional health by adopting the Paleo diet. She trained with her coach Robb Wolf and his wife Nicki, further deepening her appreciation for the ancestral way of life. After relocating to Los Angeles, she met Mark Sisson at the Primal Blueprint headquarters, where she put her health expertise and coaching skills to use.

Adam and Vanessa started coaching fundamentals of weightlifting and gymnastics at the PrimalCon events and have since created the Bee the Wellness program. Using a holistic approach, they help others become the healthiest possible version of themselves. For personal coaching and much more, please visit http://beethewellness.com/.

Unveil Your Wellness March Challenge

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