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10 Million VTHO Tokens Distribution to VIMmarket Traders!

As an incentive to encourage trading activity on VIMmarket as well as to spur usage on the VeChainThor blockchain, we’ve specially collaborated with the VeChain Foundation and held a 10,000,000 $VTHO giveaway and farming event for all VIMmarket traders and users.

Now, we’re excited to distribute the VTHO to our winners!

Everyone Gets A Share of 10 Million $VTHO

When we announced the event, we mentioned that everyone would get a share of the VTHO. We’re sticking with our promise! Each specified action in VIMmarket would earn you tickets, and the 10 Million VTHO pool would be evenly distributed amongst all ticket holders.

At a minimum, each person who used the VIMmarket, even those with unsuccessful auction bids will receive at least 776 VTHO!

Over 620 wallets interacted with the VIMmarket Smart Contract, over 3100 VIM listings were created during the duration and more than 1900 VIMs were successfully sold/bought and changed hands.

Auctions saw more than 1800 active bids, signifying how excited and active the community were during this event period. The top wallet in this event won more than 500,000+ VTHO, with the second and third place trailing behind at 360,000+ VTHO and 180,000+ VTHO. Congratulations!

Event Distribution Breakdown:

Trading & Farming Event period:

Start: March 11, 2021 05:00 UTC

End: April 11th, 2021 05:00 UTC

Ticket distribution ratio:

1x Ticket

1) Listing of VIMs for sale;

2) Successful VIM purchases;

3) Successful VIM sales.

0.8x Ticket

4) Bidding on VIMs

0.5x Ticket

5) Claiming EHrT from Inbox

6) Claiming VIMs from Inbox

Calculation for rewards:

VTHO received = 10,000,000 VTHO * (Your Tickets Collected/Total Tickets Collected of All VIMmarket Traders)

Total Tickets Collected: 10307.1

VTHO per Ticket: 970.2 VTHO

VTHO Distribution time: Over the next 48 hours, starting as soon as possible.

Full Winners List (full wallet address redacted):

Note: Due to the rounding down/up of decimals as well as blockchain transaction fees, your received VTHO might differ slightly from the listed amount in the spreadsheet above. The VTHO distribution, allocation and calculation is done by a bot, and all decisions and transactions made are final and non-disputable.

Whitelist for VEED IVO and Limited Edition VIM Ongoing

We would like to congratulate everyone who supported the VIMmarket launch and traded VIMs passionately. More rewarding events, missions and quests will continue to roll out gradually. Rewarding VIMmarket traders through farming events is just one of the ways to encourage trading volume.

The VIMmarket will be re-launching soon to support VEED tokens in the near future, and VEED will fully replace the old token in the VIMworld Ecosystem. We’ll release more information when this has happened on our social media, please stay tuned for the announcements!

The whitelist for the VEED IVO is currently ongoing. This is the best opportunity for you to acquire VEED tokens alongside Philipe Diamant, a limited edition Resilience Clan VIM which will never be minted again.

With our recent announcement of the Public Project Proposal, our airdrop and token swap for core VIM owners and the VEED IVO whitelist, the journey for VIMworld has truly just begun.

Read the VIMworld Public Project Proposal Here

Read the Airdrop & Token Swap for VIM owners Here

Whitelist for IVO Here

Access VIMworld Now

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld can be accessed through using a VeChain-enabled browser such as the VeChain Sync browser or Google Chrome + Comet Extension. It is also accessible on mobile devices through the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android.

For more information about VIMworld, please follow our social media channels:

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.