Aje and the plight of the Oasis of Opulence — Part 2

Oct 12 · 5 min read

With Aje struggling against dark forces, will anyone hear her cry for help? Can anyone stop Achlys, bringer of gloom and despair, from corrupting the single greatest source of VIMenergy in the cosmos?_______________________________________________________________

Philippe awoke with a start, he had been in deep sleep just moments ago. Upon awakening, he became acutely aware of an intense feeling of dread.

“Something ain’t right here”, he muttered. “I ain’t usually one to give up so easily on a good sleep”

A few minutes passed before he noticed the dim glow emanating from his suit jacket. In an instant, he was fully alert. The jacket was a gift from his blessing many eons prior — he had been gifted the ability to call forth wealth in the form of gemstones from a dimensional rift hidden in his pocket. He had never seen it behave like this before however, the aura seemed to beckon him.

Wasting no time, Philippe grabbed his jacket and placed his hand deep within the pocket, reaching for the rift. It pulled on his arm, then his torso. It was clear the portal wanted him to follow it somewhere. Before he knew it, Philippe’s whole body had been drawn in and he found himself falling headfirst towards a brilliant bright light. His jacket collapsed in behind him, falling through the rift with him.

With a cracking sound, he emerged from the vortex temporarily blinded, falling through the air. He landed with a thud in the sand below and dusted himself off, surveying his surroundings. Seconds later, his jacket fell down beside him which he duly retrieved. Philippe instantly recognized where had landed. Many many moons ago, Aje had blessed him with the power of abundance here using her vast reserves of VIMenergy.

“Aje!” he shouted, “where are you?!”

The previously luscious landscape was now bathed in an eerie red light. Decaying vegetation and lifeless sea creatures littered the shore. In the distance, the once great tropical forest that hugged the island was now a collection of gnarled, leafless twigs, angrily pointing to the sky. He observed Aje’s beach house with its front door wide open and instantly feared the worst.

The Great Corruption

Philippe knew where he needed to go. The island housed the greatest source of VIMenergy in the universe and with Aje’s stewardship, was the source of wealth and abundance across all realities. He sensed the corruption in the air and knew foul play was at hand. At pace, he ran towards the red glow.

Pushing his way through the wilted bushes, he emerged into the clearing around the oasis and saw a hunched figure, muttering and cackling over the roiling red pool.

“Hey, you!” Philippe bellowed, “who the hell are you and what have you done to this place?!”

The shrouded figure spun on the spot, facing Philippe with a menacing, crooked grin. Philippe’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing the figure — her skin was sunken and grey and her lifeless eyes sent a shiver down his spine.

“Achlys!” She screeched “and you’ll be hearing much more of that name from now on! I grew weary of watching Aje spreading happiness and joy, it sickens me! The inter-dimensions must understand misery, a life full of prosperity is only half-lived!”

Philippe shuddered at the notion of Achlys’ corrupted concept.

“So you poisoned the greatest source of VIMenergy to serve your own desires? Your corruption sickens me!” Philippe shot back, he could feel anger coursing through his veins. He stepped towards Achlys, overcome with rage but was immediately met with a sharp ‘thwack’ to the back of his head. Philippe fell forward, unconscious.


Philippe came to, hanging upside down by his ankles from a tree.

“Finally”, a voice to his right whispered.

“Aje!” Philippe exclaimed, “I sensed your plight through my pocket portal, I came to find you!”

“Thanks Philippe, I had hoped my cry would catch someone’s attention. I kinda hoped you weren’t going to end up captured like me, though”, she chuckled.

As they both swung watching Achlys peer into the tainted pool of VIMenergy, Philippe was struck by a genius idea.

“Aje!” he exclaimed, “The luxury jacket you blessed me with… I think I have an idea!”

Philippe reached inside his jacket pocket, winking at Aje as he did so. He proceeded to retrieve and subsequently drop a huge multi-faceted gemstone onto the ground, immediately catching Achlys’ attention.

“What do we have here?” she said, smirking. “If I am to become the ruler of this domain, it’s only fitting I have a jewel for my crown!”

Achlys proceeded towards the gemstone, arms outstretched, eyes wide and fixated.

“Yes, yes!” Achlys cackled, “a grand jewel befitting a ruler!”

As she neared, Philippe, quick as a flash, ripped off his jacket and threw it over her. A bright flash lit up the immediate vicinity and in a second, Achlys had vanished. Aje cast a wry smile at Philippe.

“Brilliant move, Philippe, you sent her through your pocket portal!”

Laughing, and showing great pride, Philippe nodded.

“I sent her somewhere special so I can deal with her later.” He informed her. “Seems as though fate had a plan for our encounter all along, hey?”

With their assailant gone and her henchmen apparently having fled, the pair quickly untied the nooses around their feet. Aje hurried back to the Oasis of Opulence and kneeled by its side, eyes closed. She began to hum a tune with such beautiful pitch that it sent a shiver down Philippe’s spine. The deep red pool began violently bubbling as Aje undid the corruption that had been forced upon it. As the purple-blue hue returned to the oasis, VIMenergy bubbled over its side, spilling into the surrounding flora. Before their very eyes, life returned to the canopies, bushes and shrubs that encircled the oasis and rushed outward to the scenery beyond.

“How can I ever begin to repay you for saving my dimension?” Aje said elatedly, eyes gleaming.

She mulled her own question over for a moment.

“Philippe, VIMworld harbors many individuals with great volumes of VIMenergy, I have sensed it through the aether on many occasions!” she exclaimed, excitedly.

“I will ensure that the VIMs who fought vigilantly to store and protect VIMenergy will be rewarded handsomely! I am eternally indebted for what you have done here today.”

“Such a gracious offer, Aje, the people of VIMworld will be most pleased” Philippe replied in humble acceptance. “Your actions will surely bestow the inhabitants of VIMworld with great wealth!”

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.


VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.


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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.


VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.