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Announcing The Community VIM Producer Contest Winner & Voter Lottery Winners!

When we launched the Community VIM Producer contest, we knew our talented community would create some brilliant art and you didn’t let us down, we received some fantastic submissions. A massive thank you to everyone who took part!

With the voting deadline now passed, we can now reveal the winner of our first VIM Producer Contest to honor our Dutch community in celebration of the upcoming King’s Day.


A massive congratulations to its creator as this VIM will feature in a special VIM Dispenser next week. The artist shares Arthur’s backstory as well.

Every inhabitant of the capital including the kitten, Arthur, came out into the streets of the city to honor the independence of planet Holando. Inspired by the overwhelming joy of the day, Arthur discovered magical powers deep within himself. He found that after touching an orange cloak, he could fly and carry people over great distances.

Other residents soon realized that things placed in his hands gained power, so they gave him items they brought with them to the celebration. He bestowed powers into magic tulips that healed wounds and even granted immortality for a while, curing the people of all their ailments.”

F-B Tier Artwork
A-S1 Tier Artwork
S2-S5 Tier Artwork
S6-S9 Tier Artwork

The VIMworld design team is now working to finalize the designs with the artist and prepare Arthur for release into VIMworld through our Dispenser. SX Tier artwork will be unveiled once our community reach those lofty heights!

King’s Day Prizes

Arthur, our winning VIM, will soon be featured in a special themed King’s Day VIMdispenser. Their creator will be eligible to receive 20% of revenue generated by the Event, up to a total of 3,646,580 $VEED! They will also receive the very first Arthur VIM, boasting the coveted VIM ID #1.

Our runner up, King Wilhem, will receive 1% revenue from the King’s Day Dispenser Event, up to a total of 182,329 $VEED. We applaud the artist’s work and want to recognise their talent in making it to the final cut.

And as previously announced, we will be partnering with the artist who created Kyrië for a future release directly from VIMworld.

The VIMdispenser will take place on Monday April 25th at 9:00am PDT (18:00 GMT +2). 500 VIMs will be minted in total, with 427 available to purchase in the VIMdispenser. Good luck to all participants!

Community Vote Lottery Winners

As mentioned, part of the voting process included a chance to be one of three lucky individuals randomly selected to win 4.5k $VEED.

The results are in! A big congratulations to our three lucky winners:

  • The gatekeeper of Valhalla#5206
  • Alaztor#9071
  • Cryptodevil#0821

We will reach out to you shortly on Discord to initiate the next steps!

The First, But Not The Last

It goes without saying that our first Community VIM Producer contest won’t be the last. As we continue to improve, build and push ahead with expanding our community across other networks, we look forward to celebrating diverse regional events, in appreciation of our amazing global community.

We will soon deploy our multi-chain wallet and show the world what VIMworld has to offer!

Access VIMworld Now

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld can be accessed through using a VeChain-enabled browser such as the VeChain Sync browser or Google Chrome + Comet Extension. It is also accessible on mobile devices through the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android.

For more information about VIMworld, please follow our social media channels:

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.