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Announcing The Launch Of Our Spanish Social Media Channels And Introducing Paulo, AKA Dali, Our New Spanish Community Manager!

Our focus for 2022 is the expansion of our platform and our community. Across the world, it’s clear the NFT space is thriving and bustling with communities outside the English speaking varieties. Our Russian and Chinese communities have seen steady growth so we are ready to extend our VIMworld family among the Spanish speaking community, one of the most used languages on Earth at around 559 Million people!

Today, we are excited to launch our official Spanish-language channels on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Instagram and announce that Paulo, aka Dali, is going from active community member to an official member of our team as our new Spanish community manager!

New Communities, New Social Arenas

With new global communities comes new social channels. If you’re a Spanish speaker, be sure to check out the following channels to stay up to date with the latest and greatest information, brought to you in the Spanish language!


Telegram Announcements:


Twitter: @Vimworld_SP

Instagram: vimworldofficial_espanol


Welcoming Paulo — VIMworld’s Spanish Community Manager

To introduce Paulo to the community and get to know him a little better, we asked him a series of fun questions to break the ice. So let’s meet our new Spanish community manager!

Hi Paulo! Please introduce yourself and tell us something fun

Hello! My name is Paulo, I am from Venezuela but I live in Argentina and I am a Crypto enthusiast. I believe in change and I think VIMworld is the future of NFT projects!

When did you first discover VIMworld and what caught your attention about it?

I discovered VIMworld in August last year. At some point in a search for what to invest money in for the future, I thought Vechain and VIMworld fit perfectly for what I am looking for in long term investment! I love the art work and the platform design and the lore involved in all characters!

Who is your favorite VIM and why is that so?

I think I have more than one favorite, but I think Phillippe because of the art evolution design and for what he represents in VIMworld’s History.

What are you most looking forward to on VIMworld’s roadmap and what excites you about it?

I like many things in the beginning I started for the future rewards for them have a S-Tier VIM, but I think, the future game, SDK, eggs, crosschain are very important for the future utility, and for sure the memory and physical soul are very interesting things for the VIMs

Where was the funniest/most memorable place you fed your VIMs?

In the middle of teaching a tennis class!

What’s the best deal you got from a VIM trade?

My best deal was a Bone Maiden, Tier A

Which VIM would you like to be real life friends with, and what do you think they would be like?

Phillippe, I like his magic powers and I think he is really gentlemanly!

Thanks, Paulo!

Community Expansion

We are looking forward to having Paulo help us extend our presence through the Spanish speaking world and we have full confidence in his capabilities!

We hope you will all join us in extending your warmest warm welcomes to Paulo, otherwise known as Dali!

As we move through 2022, we expect many more opportunities for community expansion, whether it be via cross-chain, language or otherwise. 2022 is a year of growth for VIMworld and its ever-awesome community!

Access VIMworld Now

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld can be accessed through using a VeChain-enabled browser such as the VeChain Sync browser or Google Chrome + Comet Extension.

It is also accessible on mobile devices through the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android.

For more information about VIMworld, please follow our social media channels:

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.