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Fourth Devotion Event: Collector Edition! Welcoming Tsuky, the Final VIM & Pillar of the Original Series!

It’s been over a year now since the initial launch of VIMworld and the introduction of our very first set of VIMs — The Original Series! We are excited to introduce the long-anticipated fifth and final member from the collection — Tsuky!

Tsuky is a limited edition VIM which will be arriving in VIMworld as part of our fourth Devotion Oathsworns Clan event, which you can earn for free by fulfilling the mission requirements and criteria before the snapshot on September 25th, 2021:

The Calling #1: Summon Tsuky by combining Devotion Oathsworn VIMs with VIMenergy in your Wallet

The Calling #2: Summon Tsuky by combining Original Series VIMs and holding VEED tokens.

Blessing: A special lottery for dedicated daily VIM feeders is designed to reward members who are devoted.

Tsuky, Final Pillar of the Original Series:

Tsuky, the fifth and final member of the Original Series, is a cybernetically enhanced canine-mech hybrid from the depths of VIMworld, engineered as part of a secret research program in a facility deep underground.

Tsuky was the only successful specimen from thousands of attempts to fuse hard-light technology with a biological host. The outcome exceeded all expectations, with Tsuky displaying incredibly advanced militaristic, academic and sensory capabilities, with athleticism beyond anything previously seen. The Fullmoon Saber, his blade crafted from the same hard-light technology, lends to his power with its ability to generate energies intense enough to slice through spacetime itself. His armour plating is forged from the plasma of a star, making it impenetrable to any material; he commands it telekinetically, guaranteeing lightning-fast reactions.

After a lifetime of servitude and experimentation in his underground prison, Tsuky rebelled against his creators and seized an opportunity to free himself. Wielding the Fullmoon Saber, he tore a rift in spacetime and escaped to the surface of VIMworld.

The dazzling light of the sun blinded him as he emerged through his portal. With his vision muted, he focused his hearing onto the sounds of gently lapping waves, and a cacophony of songbirds calling out to one another nearby. Tsuky had found himself on the island of Play, in the Sea of Fun; domain of GrOwl, queen of birds. This serendipitous event spurred adventures that would later become immortalized in fable, telling the tale of what led to Tsuky joining the Devotion Oathsworns Clan. This story will be revealed in a future installment of our lore series.

Tsuky and the other members of the Original Series are Pillars of the VIMworld Universe. Pillars hold a special place in the tapestry of VIMworld. They are at the epicentre of the mysterious events that have been unfolding recently, and are uniquely destined to play a role in the fate of the universe itself.

Call Forth Tsuky with Devotion Treasures!

Tsuky will be the fourth Devotion VIM to be introduced to the VIMworld Ecosystem. Similar to previous Devotion Events, there will be a few ways to obtain Tsuky. Only those who meet the requisite criteria before the snapshot taking place on September 25th, 23:59:59 UTC will successfully summon him.

This may be the most highly anticipated summoning event to date — only the most dedicated community members will have what it takes to call forth the star-plated canine-mech and wield his time-warping Fullmoon Saber.

The criteria to earn the Tsuky VIM are as follows:

The Calling #1: Summon Tsuky by combining Devotion Oathsworn VIMs with VIMenergy in your Wallet

  • Hold all 3 of the treasured Devotion VIMs with a combined VIMenergy of 1,500 in one wallet to receive a Tsuky VIM
  • Note: Hachi VIM must have Devotion Treasures to be eligible for this requirement.

The Calling #2: Summon Tsuky by combining Original Series VIMs and holding VEED tokens.

Option 2 of this method utilizes the WILD mechanic: The Philippe Diamant VIM is considered ‘WILD’, meaning it can be considered as one of the Original Series VIMs for the duration of this event.

  • Option 1: Hold all 4 Original Series VIMs with a Total Sum* of 3,000,000 VEED tokens in one wallet to receive a Tsuky VIM.
  • Option 2: Hold 3 of the 4 Original Series VIMs + a Philippe Diamant VIM, with a Total Sum* of 5,000,000 VEED tokens in one wallet to receive a Tsuky VIM.

Note: Only one Phillipe Diamant VIM can be used as a WILD VIM per wallet address.

* Total Sum of VEED is calculated by Amount of Free-Floating VEED in the wallet + VEED have fed into the unique Original Series VIMs and Philippe Diamant VIM.

The Blessing:

This special lottery for dedicated daily VIM feeders is designed to reward members who are devoted, but might have less resources available to fulfill the previous missions. This is also an especially fun event for newcomers to the VIMworld ecosystem.

10 Tsuky VIMs with 50 Devotion treasures each will be minted and placed into a special pool. Any VIM that has been fed for 45 days of the 51 day period of time between August 5th, 2021 and the end of this event on September 25th, 2021, will be qualified to enter the giveaway draw!

Notes for The Blessing:

  • The 45 days of feeding do not have to be consecutive.

Treasures for Tsuky:

  • The Tsuky received by a qualifying wallet will be rewarded with varying amounts of Devotion Treasures.
  • The base amount of Devotion Treasures for The Calling is 50 Treasures.
  • The highest Vanguard Treasure and corresponding Tier that a Devotion VIM, Original Series, or Philippe Diamant VIM has will determine the bonus amount of Devotion Treasures the Tsuky VIM would receive.
  • S-Lux and S1 Vanguard will receive 100 Treasures. S2 and above will receive an additional 100 for each tier, and so on, until a max of 1000 Treasures for an SX Vanguard VIM.
  • For example, if one of the Devotion VIMs, Original Series VIMs, or Philippe VIM is an S3 Vanguard VIM, then Tsuky will receive 300 Devotion Treasures. If none of the VIMs have a Vanguard treasure, then Tsuky would have 50 Treasures.

Additional Rules for the Fourth Devotion event:

  • You can claim multiple Tsuky VIMs in a single wallet for The Calling #1. No need to split your wallets!
  • There will only be one F Tier Tsuky VIM airdropped per wallet for The Calling #2.
  • The snapshot will take place on September 25th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC+0 after which the data is tallied, eligible wallets will receive The Tsuky VIM once ready.
  • Users are advised not to move their VIMs after the snapshot until the Tsuky VIM is distributed.
  • Only 1 Philippe Diamant VIM can be used as a substitute per wallet.
  • Tsuky will be a limited edition VIM which will not be minted outside of this event
  • You do not need to submit any forms to be eligible for the giveaway. Just sit back and relax!
  • VIMworld reserves the right to interpret and to make the final decisions relating to the distribution of the VIM and the running of this event.

Example scenarios:

#1 If your wallet holds 3 unique pairs of treasured Devotion VIMs + a combined VIMenergy of 3,000, that would summon 2 Tsuky VIMs in The Calling #1. (1,500 VIMenergy + 1,500 VIMenergy = 3,000 VIMenergy, and 2 complete sets of treasured Devotion VIMs)

#2 If your wallet holds 3 unique Original Series VIMs + 1 Philippe Diamant, that would be considered equivalent to holding all 4 Original Series VIMs. If the 4 VIMs have a total of 1,500,000 VEED fed inside them, then you’d only need a total of 3,500,000 VEED tokens Free-Floating VEED in the particular wallet to qualify for Tsuky (5,000,000–1,500,00 = 3,500,000 VEED)

#3 You have fed a VIM (regardless of tier) for 45 days out of 51 days of the stipulated period of time. You will enter the drawing and stand a chance to win a Tsuky VIM.

You can qualify for all 3 scenarios for maximum reward.



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