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Introducing Nufinetes v.1.3 — Better Security, Additional Functions, Bug Fixes & More Tokens!

Another week, another update! The engineers at Nufinetes have been working tirelessly on the latest upgrades and fixes, pushing Nufinetes toward its goal of becoming the ultimate multi-chain NFT & crypto wallet.

In the latest v.1.3 update, the team have released a slew of updates to improve user experience, security, address minor bugs and more. Read on for all the details!

Enhanced User Security

In this latest update, we’ve introduced several new security-related features aimed to enhance user experience and provide an even more robust wallet environment for you to store your digital assets in.

Private Key Export

Backing up your private key is one of the most important things you can do in the crypto world. Private keys are the ultimate back up and critical for restoring your wallets in the event anything should anything go wrong with your device(s) of choice. Always backup your private keys, preferably twice!

We’ve created a short guide about where users can find this new feature below:

Step 1:

In your wallet detail page, click or tap the ‘edit wallet’ icon in the top right.

Step 2:

In the edit wallet page, click or tap the three dots icon in the top right.

Step 3:

Finally, you will be presented with the option to export your private key. To do so, you will need to enter your app PIN and wallet password. Take great care to keep your private key, private!

Face ID Support

Alongside the ability to export your private key, we’ve introduced Face ID compatibility! With it, users of Apple devices will be able to make use of face recognition functionality to unlock wallets directly.

‘Always Ask’ Authentication After App Closure

To prevent accidental access to your precious digital assets, we’ve also added an ‘Always Ask’ function that requires users to input their PIN or use biometrics to reopen your wallets each time the app is closed, further improving the security of the Nufinetes wallet.

New Features & Bug Fixes

It goes without saying that introducing novel functionality and fixing bugs is as important to us as security. In v.1.3, we’ve got multiple updates to share on that front.


  • Improved Ethereum signing confirmation time
  • Added pending transactions to address history
  • Ability to show the signing window when dApp is in the background

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where a dApp might not receive the transaction from Walletconnect, preventing certain functions from working properly

New VIP-180 Tokens Added!

As if we hadn’t been busy enough, we’ve also added multiple new VIP-180 tokens to the Nufinetes wallet asset list and will continue to include more in future updates.

In version 1.3, we’ve added:

Hacken — $HAI

Safe Haven — $SHA

World of V — $WOV

Vexchange — $VEX

You can view these tokens via the assets page of your Nufinetes wallet when the VeChain network is selected.

By The Community, For The Community

Nufinetes aims to become the ultimate crypto & NFT wallet for VeChain, Ethereum and beyond. To do that, we need you!

We are always keen to listen to your feedback so, please, join us in our Discord channel and share your thoughts! Let’s build the ultimate crypto wallet, together.


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