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Introducing the New VEED VIMdispenser & Thaloc, Sentinel of the Water, Part Of The New Kamanali Sentinels Collection!

Dear VIMworld Community,

The VIMdispenser is officially making a comeback, and this time we’ll be switching over to our native currency, VEED! And what more perfect way to celebrate the return of the VIMdispenser than with the arrival of a brand new VIM Collection!

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the debut of Thaloc, a member of the brand new Kamanali Sentinels Collection!

The Kamanali Sentinels Collection were inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and culture, and were designed by Douglas Rodas, an award-winning creative artist and illustrator from El Salvador.

Thaloc will be the first of five VIMs in a special collection with unique intertwining mechanics and utilities in future progressions of the VIMworld ecosystem.

The Kamanali Sentinels Emerge

Kamanali (or ’myth’ in Nahuatl) is a mythical region located in the Olmec, home to one of the greatest prehistoric civilizations and a place said to house nature spirits harbouring vast volumes of elemental power.

In the VIMworld Universe, where spacetime buckles and paths between worlds and dimensions spontaneously form, the Great Spirits of Kamanali, apparitions from the dawn of creation itself, find themselves thrust into unfamiliar realities. In their image, Sentinels are born. Reclusive, and often hiding in spiritual form, they are all but invisible to mortals, perceptible only to those trained in the ancient arts and wielding high spiritual energy. As such, Kamanali only seemingly exist in folklore passed down through the aeons.

Kamanali Sentinels are Avatars — beings that draw power from the great elemental spirits of the Kamanali region. Within their domains, they wield great powers that make them insurmountable to would-be foes. Members of this troupe include an Earth Sentinel, whose fortitude helps guard the great secrets of the Titanic Mountains. In the Great Plains of Kamanali exists the Fire Sentinel, an impish spirit with a mischievous demeanour capable of conjuring inextinguishable flame. Thaloc, Sentinel of the Water and guardian of the waterways, is uniquely able to keep these dangerous flames in check.

These unique and legendary creatures possess abilities that help them thrive in their homeworld, protecting their home environments through their presence. During times of intrusion, Sentinels are no stranger to wielding their powers for self-defense. Yet, Kamanali Sentinels are playful and more curious than spirits from other parts of the VIMworld Universe..

Intertwining Contracts

Sentinels find themselves naturally drawn to distress, seeking to aid others when possible. Ancient tales tell of binding contracts made by Kamanali Sentinels who pledge assistance to contractors that they acknowledge in times of need. When necessary, they can manifest a version of themselves to aid their contractors as needed.

VIMs in the Kamanali Sentinels collection are a series of VIMs that possess a unique mechanic intertwined with their yet-to-be revealed contractors, which will be introduced at a later stage of the VIMworld ecosystem progression.

Call Forth the Sentinel of the Water, Thaloc

On Thursday, 26 August 2021, a VIMdispenser debut sale will take place enabling users to purchase the first VIM of the Kamanali Sentinels collection, Thaloc, using VEED tokens.

Thaloc is a powerful Sentinel that bears the name of the great mythological spirit of the water from the Kamanali Region. Thaloc is an avatar that assumes the form of a toad and resides within the region’s deep swamps. Thaloc is the first of five Kamanali Sentinels to be introduced to the VIMworld Ecosystem.

As an avatar of the great water spirit, Thaloc’s main ability is the manipulation of the aquatic domain. He has full control over bodies of water and is able to extinguish even the flames of the Fire Sentinel, an impish arsonist, with little regard for the environments he supposedly guards.

Thaloc’s alternate ability, hallucinogenic telepathy, is a potent skill that allows him to hypnotize and paralyze his opponents. His ability to control the energy emanating from his body leaves any nefarious wrongdoer in great peril. Wanderers and trespassers without high mental fortitude find themselves instantly paralyzed and at the mercy of Thaloc’s overwhelming powers and potentially dragged into the depths.

Thaloc, like other Sentinels in the region, is ready to answer his contractor that formed a special bond with him. His avatar can be readily manifested during these times of need in the near future.

VIMdispenser Event Details

Event time: Thursday, August 26, 2021 between 8AM — 8:15AM PST (August 26, 3PM — 3:15PM UTC).

Debuting first on VIMdispenser, 250 Thaloc VIMs will be on sale, and a total of 400 Thaloc VIMs will be initially minted.

The sale will start between Thursday, August 26, 2021, 8:00 AM — 8:15 AM PST. (August 26, 2021, 3:00 PM — 3:15 PM UTC). The price will be revealed an hour before the sale, so please follow our official social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram!

VIMdispenser Tips: To participate in the sale, please ensure that you have linked a compatible VeChainThor wallet to VIMworld (such as Sync, or the VeChainThor mobile wallet) and prepare an appropriate amount of VEED and VTHO.

When the sales have started, you will be able to click on the dispense button on the dispenser machine. Approve the transaction, and if you were faster than other participants, you will be able to get the VIM!




VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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