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Make Way for Diego the Playa’! Introducing the New Cyber Dharmapalas Collection with the Debonair Dharmapala Himself!

Dear VIMworld community,

Recent weeks have been a whirlwind of fun! Hot on the heels of both the success of our very first Headrush VIMdispenser event and the announcement of the highly anticipated VIMmanagement function, we are excited to now reveal a brand new VIM collection!

Diego the Playa’ is making his debut as the most debonair member of the brand new Cyber Dharmapalas Collection!

The Cyber Dharmapalas Collection was inspired by Buddhist philosophy and features cybernetically enhanced spiritual warriors with fierce artwork.

Behold the Wrath of the Cyber Dharmapalas

In a faraway realm, there exists a place where spiritual technology runs rampant. Long ago, inhabitants of the realm discovered a way to harvest their spiritual energy and used it to develop a safer alternative to nuclear power. They intended to use their artificial spiritual energy harvesters to usher in a peaceful renaissance of technologically-enhanced spirituality, but the sheer power of this new “Spirit Tech” proved to be too much for them to control.

Greedy mega-corporations formed around these new innovations and monopolized at every opportunity. They quickly took advantage of their control over such powerful new technologies and began crafting weapons of war instead of fostering peace and positivity. Over time, cozy cities once filled with a love for life and nature gave way to imposing mega-cities, with never-ending skyscrapers and air too toxic to breathe.

Unwilling to tolerate the debasement of both their home and their connection with The Enlightened One any longer, the Cyber Dharmapalas emerged to combat this new spirit tech crisis. Made up of warriors with strong natural connections to the spirit realm, this underground revolutionary group has no love for artificial spirit technology, and instead aims to unleash their wrath on Ravana, the largest and most evil mega-corporation profiting at the expense of the spirit realm.

The Cyber Dharmapalas fight fire with fire and protect their realm from the evil forces of Ravana by using their unique spiritual abilities in tandem with cybernetic enhancements, striking fear into the souls of their enemies. These wrathful spiritual warriors have recently been sighted appearing randomly throughout VIMworld. How they got here is a mystery which is still being unfolded, but their ominous presence suggests that malevolent forces are afoot…

Diego Smashes into the VIMdispenser on October 14th, 2021

On October 14th, 2021 PST , a VIMdispenser debut sale will take place enabling users to purchase the first VIM of the Cyber Dharmapalas collection, Diego the Playa’, using VEED tokens.

Diego hails from the Gladiator District of Zone 234-C, in the Mega-City known as Newest Ravana. He carved a name for himself there through competitive wrestling, and often wears his mawashi and chonmage with a little too much pride. Ladies far and wide know the name Diego the Playa’, and some of them even show up for his matches.

As a sumo wrestling child prodigy, Diego immersed himself with meditative techniques at an early age and spent his entire life refining them inside the dhoyō. His years of experiences practicing and dueling with other gladiators awakened a powerful spiritual ability within him known by his fans as “Rule Breaker”. Diego’s mind empties entirely when he enters this special meditative state during battle; only the spirits can commune with him. Onlookers watch in wonder as this behemoth of a man defies all laws of physics while in this state, dancing around his opponent with the serendipity of a butterfly or planting himself as firmly as a mountain when necessary. His opponents always find themselves suddenly outside the dhoyō, scratching their heads if they’re even lucky enough to still be conscious.

Diego’s wrestling talent and spiritual abilities have been supplemented with countless painful cybernetic body modifications. His arms have been surgically fused to a pair of Begtse 12’s, the latest spirit tech gauntlets made of pure Ravanian steel and powered by his own massive spirit energy, granting him otherworldly strength. He wields a blade called Heart, which is an ever-growing monstrosity of different metals. Every time Diego defeats an opponent, he claims their weapon as a trophy and has it melted down to be added to his own blade. He calls this act “eating the enemy’s heart”, and conducts it out of respect and honor for the spirit realm.

Event time: Thursday October 14th, 2021 between 3:00 PM — 3:15 PM PST (October , 22:00 — 22:15 UTC)

Debuting first on VIMdispenser, 150 Diego VIMs will be on sale this Dispenser, 50 more will be minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain Network and kept for future marketing events by the VIMworld Foundation.

The price will be revealed an hour before the sale, so please follow our official social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram!

VIMdispenser Tips: To participate in the sale, please ensure that you have linked a compatible VeChainThor wallet to VIMworld (such as Sync, or the VeChainThor mobile wallet) and prepare an appropriate amount of VEED and VTHO.

When the sales have started, you will be able to click on the dispense button on the dispenser machine. Approve the transaction, and if you were faster than other participants, you will be able to get the VIM!



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