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Philippe’s Abundant Bags of VEED part 2

Part II

A day later…

Philippe, GrOwl, Gobbles, Armstrong, and several others were standing by the large collection of sacks full of VEED looking skyward. “There he is!” Philippe pointed high in the air at the giant mechanical eagle flying towards them.

Gently, Garu landed in front of Philippe and Armstrong, followed quickly by Diego popping in next to him. Hoppiua landed with a solid thud, shaking the ground around him. “We got here as soon as we could,” said Garu. “Unfortunately, the portals between our worlds are now unpredictable. As they should be. We had to wait for another to appear. We also had to wait for Diego to catch up.”

“Yeah, the robots forget that people have to eat every now and then,” said Diego.

Hoppiua glanced over at Diego. “Some seem to eat quite a bit more than others.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Philippe. “We’ve got to get all these bags out.” He stepped out of the way and let the crowd each grab a bag. He looked around and noticed that Hoppiua didn’t have one. “I guess we had enough help.”

“He can hang here with us,” said Armstrong. “Just in case he’s needed or if there’s an issue.”

Hoppiua studied Armstrong silently for a few moments and then walked over. “I can tell that you are well trained and at the top of your game. I would appreciate it if I could, as you say ‘hang’ with you in order to learn how to become as skilled as you.”

“I thought you were already a good fighter,” said Armstrong. “Why do you need me to teach you anything?”

“I can learn new skills just by observing,” Hoppiua replied. “I am programmed to gravitate towards the most powerful and best trained.”

Philippe shrugged and smiled. “Take it as a compliment, bro. Besides, he said he brings luck and fortune. Too bad he can’t do anything about my empty pockets.” Philippe patted his jacket pocket and heard a surprise jingle. He peered into his pocket, then at Hoppiua, and then back into his pocket.

“What is it?” asked Armstrong.

“There’s more VEED,” said Philippe. “A whole lot more.”

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.