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September’s Community Broadcast Reward Winner Has Been Nominated — Congratulations CryptoFer79!

October 5, 2022

Another month, another selection of fantastic content created by our talented community! We’re always impressed by your creativity and are constantly amused by the ingenuity of your efforts in spreading awareness around VIMworld, its inhabitants and ongoing developments.

As you likely have seen by now, several months ago, we revived the Community Broadcast Rewards Program. You can read up on the eligibility criteria, here.

This month we’ve witnessed continued epic efforts from the community, but notably, CryptoFer79 stood out to us this month with their creativity and consistency.

And so, we extend a huge congratulations to CryptoFer79 — winner of $100 in $VEED tokens!

CryptoFer79 — September’s Social Media Force Majeure

Between consistently liking, retweeting and quote tweeting VIMworld and community content, CryptoFer79 also created unique media, engaged with news and helped spread our biggest announcements. Our team gave CryptoFer79 special kudos for engaging with our Spanish community account!

So let’s take a look at exactly what CryptoFer79 has been busy with this month!

We really enjoyed the enthusiasm in this first Tweet — LINK

This next Tweet was a solid example of how to grab attention and create engagement on the back of an exciting community event. Good use of hashtags, cashtags to link other projects, sharing our VIMworld Vision Video and emojis galore. We love it! LINK

We’re always grateful to see our community helping to share important deadlines and bringing attention to time sensitive news! LINK

In this instance, we appreciated both the sense of urgency, as well as providing a reason for the call to action — benefiting from the generous Deities of VIMworld! LINK

We enjoyed the creative use of images, emojis and language in this Tweet, Good work! LINK

In this final Tweet, we applaud CryptoFer79’s efforts bringing visibility to the Blessing event and helping the community to maximise their benefits by feeding up their VIMs. Very awesome! LINK

Eager To Reward The Dedicated VIMfam

Our team of admins are always on the lookout for shining examples of community members, we see your efforts and are always impressed by the variety and engagement we see monthly.

Congratulations once again, CryptoFer79! We’ll be on the lookout for next month’s superstar, so take note and get creative!

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.