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The First Community VIM Producer Contest to Celebrate Dutch King’s Day

Beloved VIMworld community,

We are excited to announce our very first Community VIM Producer Contest. It’s time to showcase your artistic talents to the VIMworld metaverse! For this inaugural event, we are looking for you to create the art and background story for a brand new VIM that will help us celebrate our Dutch community members for the upcoming King’s Day on April 27. Interested? Keep reading.

Make Your Own VIM!

VIMworld aims to build an open metaverse, one which is inclusive to everyone and appealing to all. As part of this endeavor, this event will be the very first opportunity for our community members to design a VIM and potentially see it come to life!

As many know, VIMs hold more layers than an average JPEG NFT. Our digital characters have robust background lore, evolving artwork, and a unique place within the VIMworld open-metaverse; we hope VIMs will be companions to everyone who ventures into the metaverse.

Honoring Our Dutch Community

In keeping with our tradition of empowering all voices of our community, this contest will have a special twist! For this first VIM producer contest we invite you all to submit designs for VIMs that embody and represent our Dutch community and their upcoming King’s Day celebration.

Koningsdag as it’s known in the Netherlands is a national holiday. The entire county turns out for a national block party where everything and everyone possible is covered in orange to celebrate the birthday of the reigning Dutch monarch, King Willem Alexander.

The celebrations begin the night before and continue throughout King’s Day with citywide flea markets, street-corner musicians, DJ booths, boat packed canals, organized parties, parades, music, food, drink and visits to one or two cities from the King and the royal family.

Contest Details

The winning VIM will be minted and available in the VIMdispenser for a special King’s Day celebration on the 27th of April. In order to qualify and have a chance of winning, each VIM submission must meet the following criteria:

  • Art and backstory that embodies the Dutch community
  • VIM Character Description no longer than 300–500 Characters in length
  • VIM Backstory Lore no longer than 500 words in length
  • VIM artwork has a minimum of two and a maximum of five evolutions

Submissions for this contest will be carefully reviewed and narrowed down by a panel of expert judges consisting of members from the VIMworld team and our Dutch community until only the highest quality submissions remain. When the final few have been chosen, the winning vote will be left in the hands of you, the community.

And for all you potential community VIM producers reading this, the winning artist will receive 20% of all revenue from the King’s Day Dispenser Event, up to a total of 3,646,580 $VEED (approximately $13,000 USD at the time of publishing). The winner will also receive the first minted copy of the VIM with VIM ID #1. Up to seven Finalists will each receive 1% revenue from the King’s Day Dispenser Event, up to a total of 182,329 $VEED (approximately $650 USD at the time of publishing).

We are so excited to see what cool VIMs you all dream up! For complete details, submission guidelines and to register for the contest, visit

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