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VIMmarket Now Accepting VeChain (VET) Tokens & Update to Wallet Management Tool!

Previously, we’ve announced that VET is available for use in our VIMmarket — our official Smart NFT marketplace for our community to trade VIMs.

After a few testing rounds internally, we’re happy to roll out VET trading to the public!

As mentioned, as work on the VIM Tier & Feeding contract migration as well as VIMmarket migration to support VEED continues, we’ve received many inquiries from community members (old and new) on where to purchase and collect VIMs. Thus, we’ve decided to support VET trading while we are in the transition phase until the migration happens.

Opening up VIMmarket again before VEED migration launches will also serve to restart our VIM trading economy in preparation of the new systems.

Users may now head to the VIMmarket in to trade, collect and acquire VIMs using VET tokens!


VIMworld Dashboard & Wallet Tool Now Supports VEED Tokens

With work underway for the upcoming VIM migration, we’ve also added support for VEED tokens in our wallet management tool and Dashboard.

Now, our users can manage their VEED tokens in VIMworld, without having to go back to the VeChainThor mobile wallet or to use third party transfer tools.

More Info & FAQ

  1. Are the VIMs traded using VET in this version of the VIMmarket based on the old VIM system or the new system?

The VIMs listed and traded in this iteration of the VIMmarket will be based on the old VIM Tier & Feeding contract, which means that it will not support VEED feeding and the new tier/feasting system right now.

2. Do I need to migrate my VIM once the new system is rolled out?

Yes. Once the new smart contract system is rolled out, you will need to migrate your VIM to the new system, and start feeding with VEED tokens as well as interact with our events.

For more information about migration, please read:

3. How do I feed my VIMs?

VIMs can only be fed with VEED tokens when the new system is rolled out. The VIMs traded in this version of VIMmarket are based on the old system. Please wait for the new system to be rolled out.

4. Why is VIMworld introducing VET currency to the VIMmarket and not just wait for VEED migration instead?

We wanted to provide an avenue for our community members to trade their VIMs in a safe manner during this transition process. Opening up VIMmarket will also mean that community members can acquire VIMs that they like besides the Adopt-a-VIM method and prepare for VEED feeding once the new system is rolled out. The VIM trading economy will also be restarted.

5. How long do I need to wait until VIMs are migrated and VIMmarket supports the new VIM system and VEED tokens?

Development work is proceeding smoothly. As the migration involves thousands of VIMs and a substantial amount of funds involved for our community, we want to make sure that every new smart contract and the migration system works perfectly. Please wait for the announcement in our social media channels. Thank you!

6. Will VET still be supported once VEED is fully supported in VIMmarket?

When VEED is introduced to the VIMmarket, it will be the primary currency supported. At the same time, we are exploring multi-currency options to provide more value and choice to our users, as noted in our Public Project Proposal. More details will be revealed when we are ready.

7. Would it be possible if the VIM I bought is not eligible for the instant migration?

Yes, some VIMs listed by the community might be ineligible for the instant migration due to the VIM not adhering to the snapshot criteria. These VIMs will need to start over from F Tier during the migration. For such VIMs, a warning message will appear in the VIM listing in the VIMmarket.




VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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